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  1. Sloppy gear selector

  2. Sloppy gear selector

    Anyone know what can be done to resolve pls. In all gears there seems to be a lot of play when in gear. Would this be a case of replacing all selector bushes? If so us there a kit that can be purchased? Cheers Shaun
  3. Only had the vr for a few weeks and am finding bits and pieces as I go. The airbag and abs light indicator was disconnected so after reconnecting I niw have the two lights illuminated. The cae came with a momo steering wheel (no airbag) which I've now replaced with a mk3.5 cabby wheel with airbag. Any ideas how I can get these lights to go off? Also noticed a few plugs that aren't actually connected near front wishbone area. Maybe something to do witg abs? Or would it be best to get an auto electrician out to give the car a once over? Thanks in advance. Shau
  4. Headlights Mk3 VR6

    Ok cheers. Will check SWG then make a decision. You did mean "can't fault them" rather than "can" didn't you?
  5. Anyone got any views or experience on the quad lights available on ebay. They look pretty good and for £120-150 they seem good value. Rather save my money and wait for a set of hellas or morrettes to come up second hand if not. Thanks in advance. Shaun
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