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  1. I've just ordered a re-conditioned one for £102. The bosh one for a new one was over £300
  2. Looking for a new maf sensor I'll keep you updated
  3. Yeah it's lumpy after I change gear for a second or two before the power comes back through, also when driving steady if I come of the power then put my foot down again sometimes it bogs a bit and drop power for a second
  4. Hi, no codes were showing, the mechanic I always use said he's fairly sure it's the air flow metre. Could this be the problem
  5. Hi my mk2 vr6 has recently started to have a problem. When I change gear and put my foot back down on the accelerator I get a hesitation/lag before the power comes back through. I've been experiencing this when taking the revs higher, when I change gear around 2000rpm it doesn't do it but when it take the revs high and change through the gears I get a power drop/hesitation when I put my foot back down on the accelerator. I've heard a few people having a similar problem but have not found the solution. Someone suggested the coil pack needs changing or the cam shaft sensor. Has anyone experienced this problem. Thanks (mk2 golf 2.8 VR6)