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  1. Oh right man I'll give it a try any test see if it work anyway but I don't have a cat it's a de-catted exhaust system
  2. Thanks man I'll give that a try today, would it affect my car in the long run disconnecting it?
  3. Thanks man, fingers crossed this solves it I'll drop at update if it does.
  4. Latest update. Took it to my other mechanic and he came back to me with this. "Looks like it's a issue with the map mate massively over fueling , even at idle. Could be but even at idle the hydrocarbons (unburnt fuel) are through roof" So looks like I'm taking it to a tuning garage to remap it and tune it
  5. That's not a bad idea if I had spares lol. I'm taking it to a more vw specialist garage next week to try save me some trouble
  6. Yeah I think I need a VR pro. I think the guy who had it at the garage a week a go checked the coil he didn't mention it being f*cked. I changed all the HT leads when I got it back from being converted pretty much straight away, I hope it isn't them.
  7. Hi guys, here's a quick update. I took the old Air flow metre off the car (it was pretty f**cked so I guess i needed one either way). Bought a new air flow metre and fitted it. Its made the car sound allot crisper BUT it has not solved my problem if anything its made it even worse, even more laggy and powerless. It pops and bangs like crazy now even sometimes it sounds like the popping is coming from the middle/front of the car. Back to the drawing board, getting pretty fed up of trying and spending money on the stupid thing! P. S here's a photo of my car we're
  8. I've just ordered a re-conditioned one for £102. The bosh one for a new one was over £300
  9. Yeah it's lumpy after I change gear for a second or two before the power comes back through, also when driving steady if I come of the power then put my foot down again sometimes it bogs a bit and drop power for a second
  10. Hi, no codes were showing, the mechanic I always use said he's fairly sure it's the air flow metre. Could this be the problem
  11. Hi my mk2 vr6 has recently started to have a problem. When I change gear and put my foot back down on the accelerator I get a hesitation/lag before the power comes back through. I've been experiencing this when taking the revs higher, when I change gear around 2000rpm it doesn't do it but when it take the revs high and change through the gears I get a power drop/hesitation when I put my foot back down on the accelerator. I've heard a few people having a similar problem but have not found the solution. Someone suggested the coil pack needs changing or the cam shaft sensor. Has anyone experience
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