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  1. [SOLD] MK3 Golf genuine locking fuel cap with key

    Yes, funds cleared yesterday so posted today. ETA is within 3 working days (Royal Mail small parcel).
  2. [SOLD] MK3 Golf genuine locking fuel cap with key

    Yep, delivered. I’ll drop you a note to confirm details etc.
  3. [SOLD] MK3 Golf genuine locking fuel cap with key

    Code on the cap itself is: 191 201 553
  4. [SOLD] MK3 Golf genuine locking fuel cap with key

    Hi, I’ll confirm for you when I’m back from work tonight!
  5. As per the description this is a genuine Mk3 Golf boot lock with keys, bought by me to fix a lock that had I thought had seized on my car but was never needed in the end. £20 delivered. Thanks for looking.
  6. Bought as spares for my VR when I thought one of my adjusters had stopped working. 2 of them work, one of them doesn't - I can't remember which doesn't so I'm including all 3 in the lot! These go for about £28 each new looking on eBay. I'm asking for £30 delivered for everything. I'll accept less if collected from Birmingham. Thanks for looking.
  7. Genuine VW part with original box - a locking fuel filler cap with original key for the MK3 Golf. I'm clearing out all the parts I've been hoarding and this is something that's a little unusual and a great OEM addition for your Golf! £20 delivered or collection from Birmingham. Thanks for looking!
  8. These rear lights need no introduction - Genuine Hella Red / Black / Reds I'm only selling these as I have sold my VR. I always took these off during winter months to ensure they stayed in superb condition as you can see from the photos. They even come in their original box. Try finding another set of these! Price is £250. Collection preferred from Birmingham so these aren't damaged in transit though I could post at additional cost.
  9. For sale is my OBDII Schrick Manifold, taken from my VR Highline which I've now sold. This will also fit an OBD1 VR if you change to the correct throttle body adapter. This is fully working and comes with all ancillaries. The manifold itself also benefits from having been ported as you can see in one of the photos. These aren't coming up too often now and make a great addition to the VR in either daily driving form or to add that finishing touch to a show car. I'm looking for £1100 ONO, collection preferred due to the weight and value of the item. Location is Birmingham. Thanks for looking.
  10. Tobester

  11. crank sensor location

    Start by replacing the o-ring (about £1.50 from somewhere like TPS) and ensure the join is clean and tight etc. After that, you could also apply some high temp sealing paste for peace of mind. Once done, get the oil back up to temp and then have a good noisy round to see if the leak has stopped.
  12. What year is the car? Sounds like a possible coilpack issue to me. I had similar and it happened all of a sudden, fine when cold, bad misfire when warm. I was told that when warm the weak coilpack is under extra stress and can't cope with demand from the engine, hence the misfire / rough running every time it got up to some sort of temperature.
  13. Are there any members from Birmingham

    I'm just in Northfield, so not too far from you - got a black 3dr Highline
  14. vr6 oil

    I would take your door card off and check the condition of the foam door membrane, if there are any rips or tears water is going to get in. I would also check the sun roof drain hole where it comes out near the shuts as they can get gummed up quite easily - if you open your and poor a small jug of water down the drain hole, it should flow out near the door nice and freely. Finally, if you're footwells have been soaked, you really do want to get the carpets up to remove the sound deadening and dry everything out to stop the car rotting from the inside - throw away the old sound deadening and replace with new as the old stuff will never dry out and you'll be forever demisting your car!