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  1. Tyler89


  2. Hi there folks my 01 golf will randomly just shut the engine off while driving it usually only happens below a 1/4 tank of fuel but doesn’t skip a beat above 1/4 tank any tips would be appreciated
  3. Very nice car man nice list of mods as well very clean
  4. Couple vr6 beauty’s from the weekend
  5. I put it in my self at work just paid 450$ Canadian for the clutch fly wheel pressure plate and thro out bearing
  6. Changed out the the clutch this weekend feels good to be back in the vr6 again
  7. Hey I’m going to be doing my clutch this coming weekend in my golf any tips or things to look out for while doing this?
  8. Hi there I’m new to this site I have a 01 golf gti vr6 from Canada
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