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  1. Good day fellow owners i have a jetta vr6 obd2 what should my battery voltage be when car is at idle also i see when inscan with vag com the minute a switch my lights on with parks my voltage dropps to 12v on idle its 13.5v also the wire to the alternator switch is broken off any idea where it goes to??
  2. Good day guys so my car stood outside in the rain a few days back and wen i got to the car i found that my ignition was on and my keys was in my hand when i removed the number 14 fuse my ignition wen off and i could then proceed to turn the ignition on with my keys. After this my car wouldnt start until i took the battery rerminals off and did the 15 sec ecu reset there after it would start but if i switch the car off it wouldnt start again until i donthe reset again when i scan my car using vag com i get engine start blocked by immobilizer and when i scan my immobalizer i get that my ecu is
  3. Good day guys i have a vr6 1995 obd1 jetta and for some reason in every gear even when standing still it limts at 5500 rpm i have done diagnostics i get no error codes
  4. I fixed it turns out my wiper relay was in position 9 instead of eight gave my mechanic a good talking to
  5. Hi guys i have a 1996 jetta obd2 vr6 my wipers is only working on fast mode the other 3 modes are not working at all i have checked fuse box cant find anything wrong. Is there a relay? Any help please. [emoji24][emoji24][emoji24][emoji24]
  6. So after much fiddling around the motor i decided to strip everything removed all covers and checked my wires in detail to find a earth wire loose seemed as if i never tightned the bolt properly as i replaced my old engine recently shes up and running now 100 percent thanks alot for the advice
  7. Good day guys i have a jetta vr6 obd2 my cluster is not working properly i checked 3 different clusters still the same issue what haooens is when i put my ignition on everything reads temp and everything the minute i start uo everything dies only the back light and indicators work and the handbrake light i have changed the ignition block problem still persists
  8. then read the previous comment finish
  9. Parametric equalizers are effective when shaping the tone of an audio signal. The controls allow for the user to be precise in selecting a frequency to boost or cut, which is helpful if the signal is feeding back or has an unpleasant overtone. CALICO maybe u should learn how to use google my friend before u go about insulting people
  10. if your wires are cut from your speakers try running a amp that is less than a 1000w preferbly 4 channel hook yourself up with a paremetric and run straight too your cd player via rca for mid range and for sub run a more powerful amp and run also through your paremetric that runs to your cd player
  11. whats the easiest way for me to increase my kw on my car
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