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  1. sorry,only just seen this mate..but still got em if any good to ya!!
  2. fuel pump??or water pump?..as the water pump is designed to circulate water after switch off..but that is in the engine bay and is silent usually.....
  3. obviously a bad earth in the fuse box...some wires must be chaffed/worn through in the door shut..looks like you will have to check all wires going through the door jam...
  4. I don't know if there still available but a guy in magor(I think)has 2 nos front wings and wants £170...im sure that's each mind
  5. corrrr..fukin nitros..whoo..this is gunna fly..top respect bud
  6. looking good cooky boy.looking good
  7. boy oh boy..im looking forward to this buddy. Top build.ya jammy sod..very sweet
  8. ah righty ho,,,so just seems as you gave it a bit of welly in first,second it ate the coil pack..wow what a bummer...man!!!..but with electrics this does happen....have you coil pack to put on??
  9. looks like..it does happen..gets hot on rolling rd as well..that eats electrical items,especially old ones...unlucky chap
  10. sounds like dodgy injector earth/wire problem as said...if the fault did come up..best to check each one and corresponding wires...if its at fault it will still work but not having right signal will give power loss...but still rev to redline!!also fpr as well...wouldnt hurt to check wiring and clean o2 sensor as well..that can cause havoc if dirty...
  11. also if its a new clutch you should only need whatever is causing the problem..fork/bearing etc etc..my guess is soft/faulty thrust bearing as seen it before...
  12. yes,like vr6pete sets,unfortunately your going to have to pull it apart and check clutch/bearing/fork etc out...something is obviously wrong in there if a new clutch has gone in...pain in ass I know but if its nothing outside(clutch master/slave/lines)then gotta be done
  13. is possible,I've heard of new clutch kits being put on and the first few days of use the thrust(throw out)bearing just collapses so all gota come out again,,but try all other routes first!!!
  14. rich

    head lining

    pppff,tell me about it...
  15. I've heard of this before and it was a collapsed thrust bearing(sorry to say)..even new ones are known to be soft,try bleeding it through again see how it goes...
  16. spose I better chip in..being missed,on average,twice a day...thought I was missed..hmmm seems not
  17. if jaks doesn't have manifold id be interested.pm me..also induction pipe(maybe)
  18. rich

    ebay manifolds

    im thinking on manifolds though,not downpipes...
  19. rich

    ebay manifolds

    looks nice,,how much mate??
  20. rich

    ebay manifolds

    will do.thanks lads
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