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  1. hi bud,still got them.can you ring me plz...all new in packaging and brand new..07976378987...richy
  2. sounds like a pinched/frayed wires...check wiring on all injector points.
  3. Would u swap for another vr6???
  4. I was in a huff when I advertising this,,but now have done loads to it over the last 3 weeks,so price is gone upbut really wanna keep it....decisions decisions!!!!.any swaps out there??with cash...need something sporty...
  5. lol,yup think it would be long time coming mate.but thanks..
  6. will the caliper of a gti(256mm)fit?they look the same and are lucas and same type as 280mm calipers,its only the carrier thats smaller to accomadate yes??..and i can use my carrier...can get a caliper but its of gti with 256mm 4 hole discs...any help appreciated
  7. do you have the heater matrix plumbed in??as these leak and coolant goes walkabout!1
  8. lol...yep it can be hard to get a answer sometimes on here,but they ARE a knowledgeable bunch on here,and yes the hubs are the same on both models....hth....
  9. cheers lads,yep I know its going to be a nightmare but was hoping someone had done one and would give me a few pointers...but needs doing as its fcukin freezing...
  10. I got to do the dreaded heater matrix as my cabin turns into a sauna when its plumed in!!!.anyone know the best way to do it??can it be done without taking the dash completly out??cheers.
  11. yeh,cheers toddy..just ordered one from him today....
  12. still looking if anyone has one(or a pair)
  13. hi,no it wont dude,no problems and good luck cheers
  14. hi Michael.replyed chap.thanx
  15. hi,do you mind if I ask what calipers/brakes you already have on the front as I'm looking for a drivers side front Lucas caliper for my 280mm set up....just in case you decide to go for the 312mm upgrade..also its usually the fronts that are upgraded to 312mm on the vr6,apart from better discs/pads the rears are more than upto the job dude!!
  16. ok,thanks philly for that,i suspected as much,ive just got grooved discs put on as well so not going the 288 route as its not worth it as there all in good condition really(apart from the piston is seriously corroded on the caliper)just trying to get a caliper or if it comes to it i will get a piston kit...but would prefer a caliper to put straight on.cheers
  17. hey all,one of my 280mm lucas calipers (osf)is shot so will a 288mm caliper go straight on with out modification.or has anyone got a 280mm caliper they would sell please..cheers..07976378987
  18. hi all,looking for a lucas (280mm size discs) front drivers side caliper please.. if you have one for sale give us a shout please,or a piston/seal kit.cheers.07976378987..richy
  19. none sorry atm...problem uploading but its needs viewing anyways chap.cheers
  20. selling my vr6.on M plate(95).mystic blue.no mot..(needs welding!)great engine/box.full heated recaro.vrs alloys,new tyres,bottom arms,brakes...induction kit..coilovers..grooved discs...nice car actually..but need quick sale so £995ono...call is best.07976378987...s.wales..(would consider a swap/px/why for a mk2 16 valve golf)SOLD....SOLD...
  21. spot on...youd be surprised what a blast and skim will do to clean that up,like vr6pete said most will be in that condition or worse nowadays..good luck!!
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