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  1. Hi my 1996 golf had a oil leak from the oil pressure switch on top of the filter housing I replaced the sensor but now the oil light flashing and bleeping I have checked the oil and switch part number any help would be great
  2. But I didn't think you could remap ECU is there a way you can?
  3. Looking a remap / chip for my vr6 all it's done is 6 branch and cooled air intake decat exhaust Anywhere that's best to buy a chip ????
  4. hi bud did you have to change much? pistons con rods etc
  5. did you have much to change on it and did you run methanol also?
  6. hi guys thinking of putting nos on my vr6 anyone done it and any advice would be great
  7. thanks lads have not been at it last day or two but let use know how I get on
  8. my driver window on my mk 3 golf wasn't working striped it and found a plastic clip off the runner fixed that but window only goes half way then goes down anyone know what to do
  9. hi guys iam in Belfast and vr6 parts are hard to come by! the alternator fault on my car has just cost me 90 pound I looking mk 3 golf parts and vr6 in Northern Ireland any friends about????
  10. if iam honest I would see what allowances you have between valves and pistons 25 thou would be the most I would go sorry if that not much help
  11. was removing my alternator the night and came across a problem I can't get it out lol think I have to Jack the engine up to get it out ????
  12. thanks bud was taking alternator off the night think iam gonna have to Jack engine up to get it out lol
  13. Insurance

    just sent my details fingers crossed they cover the ni