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  1. The spark plugs on my VR6 are the oldest service item by a year. I want to change them this week prior to my trip up north. There is no issue but I want to change them. I've looked on many different websites and they all supply different types of spark plugs for the Gal. I was wondering if anyone with a 24v 2.8 had a particular plug they look for or if anyone knows what to look for?. Cheers in advance.
  2. Mine is now installed, I went with Powerflow. They put a middle box in at my request because I didn't want it too loud. It has a middle and back box and still sounds louder than my old VR6 Golf that had 2.5" strait through with Jetex twin outlet and decat. Thank you TFD.
  3. Ah Pete. I was expecting some discolouration, just not a mm or 2 of soot. I've had a read that rich running and crap fuel can cause this too. Book states fuel as 95, not 97, so that's what she has, but I don't put known brands in, she has the 95 from the costcutter petrol station down the road. Never notice any difference when the occasional tank of BP goes in. On another note, the new crank sensor is preventing hot start issues, so that's a good result. Cheers for the reply either way matey. Hope you've sorted the belt.
  4. Hi Bud 


    Could it be your injectors?

  5. Had a powerflow stainless steel cat back installed on a 24v 2.8 a few weeks ago. Within 100 miles and small trips out, the inside of the outlets are caked in carbon deposit/soot. The noise has changed slightly, probably from said deposits. I do have an issue with the crank sensor and rough idle at cold and hot. Hot starts usually end up with misfire sounds and rough running or fire up and then drop to stall. Cold starts even with the fast idle, make the car feel unbalanced. Could the build up of soot coincide with the r
  6. I've just read this 30 minutes after having it fitted. Thank you for the reply matey. I'm glad I clarified with them prior to leaving the car there. They were under the impression that it was to be a strait through with a non resonated back box. After asking them for a middle box, They put one in. Mine has gone on to a galaxy mk2 with 24v 2.8 VR6. It's loud. Very loud. Not exactly what I wanted to be honest. You know the deep drone you have from louder strait through exhausts?... that's what it sounds like at lower revs. I can live with it, but the Galaxy i
  7. So I've decided to bite the bullet and sort the exhaust. One of 3 costly things I need to get her sorted.I've rang around 8 different custom exhaust specialists and Powerflow have been the cheapest. The cat back system will be £399 all inclusive.So I just wondered if anyone here had experience with Powerflow exhausts?. I know I can google reviews, but forum members are just as valuable for opinions.Thank you.
  8. I didn't realise you'd gone through quite a few more VR6s Chris. Very jealous of the R32 matey. Oh yeah, "holy thread revival batman!".
  9. I'm looking for somewhere to have a custom exhaust made for my Galaxy. Don't worry, it has a VR6. All I want is a cat back system, just strait through pipe to a single back box with DTM outlets. The problem I have, is everywhere wants the better part of £500..... for a back box, some pipe and a few hangers. I know there's more to it than that, but near 500 is silly, especially as when I had my old AAA Golf, full systems from scorpion, Jetex, or milteck were less than 400. Does anyone have any experience or know of somewhere around the Midlands, excluding MIJ and Custom
  10. Likewise. Only cars I've ever had to have towed/recovered were both my mk3s. Both spent two occasions on the back of an AA truck. One was also towed a few miles. Both lowered more than 50mm. Unless their T&C have changed without informing me, I'm still with them and will continue until the above happens. That said, I may nip onto their website and check.
  11. Have a 24v VR6. AYL engine in a Galaxy. Past several months with increased frequency, I have trouble starting her when she's warm/hot. She fires up and dies. Takes one or more attempts to run but even then, she runs slightly lumpy. Other times she will start up after a few attempts and run smoothly. No lack of power noticed. New coil packs, full service and a new MAF within the past 7 months. It occurred occasionally before then but nowhere near as often as it does now. Anyone have any ideas please?.
  12. So ever since I bought the car in September, idle and light pressing of the throttle up to around 1500 - 1750rpm causes the car to shake. It is almost as though she's unbalanced. In gear and accelerating away or cruising doesn't cause any issue. It is only when the car is stationary. I've just got back from the school run in her and whilst pulled up in a parking space, I could just slightly feel the vibrations, almost like an ever so slight misfire. I could see the rpm needle fluctuating miniscule amounts in time with the rough idle. She has had new plugs,
  13. What you say is true, Rich. I forgot to mention that I did this on the way back, in 1st and 2nd gear after not running on that rolling road, merely a spectator. A spectator because I wanted to avoid issue. So I was a good boy and ended up punished anyway lol.
  14. So I swapped the coil packs around. Faulty cylinders worked and those that were working, misfired and threw codes. I don't normally exceed 5k revs. Coil packs look dead and like the ones that the car rolled out the factory with. Exceeded 5k revs multiple times on the way back. Stressed old components.
  15. Hi all.Just been down to the rolling road. Car was and has been fine and never missed a beat since I've owned her.On the way back, the car went lumpy and rough, felt like it was firing on 4 cylinders. Engine light flashed away.Got her back now and stuck a scan tool on her. P0300 - Multiple misfires detected P0303 - Misfire cylinder 3P0305 - Misfire cylinder 5P0306 - Misfire cylinder 6Now I could understand one coil pack going but not two or three in one fell swoop. This screams to me either bad luck OR fuel issue?.No codes appeared regarding cps or MAF or anything else. Just the 4 above.Any id
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