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  1. Im looking for the top and bottom plastics that locate the plug leads if anyone can help thanks
  2. Front knock sensor cracked aswell giving a false reading to ecu retarding ignition so awaiting new sensor. With regards to isv whats folk done with there isv?what happens to this under boost? As ive no t off the outlet of charger to throttle bodybody i was going to t into before charger but after maf so it has a suction of metered air.just i plugged vcds in and throttle angle was sitting at 33 degrees with foot off pedal ive read it should be 14 degrees but as i deleted my isv previously i screwed up the throttle screw to get a fine idle.so now im going back to setting idle angle back to
  3. Ok so was still bit rough on idle really digging deep to source whats going on.checked wires from maf and lambda back to ecu all good.crank sensir slightly below limits so i replaced it but still the same. Next up was dizzy and leads checked then last 2 things I'd forgotten about knock sensors even tho there only a microphone they retard timing by 12 degrees no good to me early spark with big injectors and lots of fuel.well turned out rear knock sensor bolt was loose sensor rattling around and its now not reading anything with multimeter.glad i had a spare new one fitted and running smoot
  4. Struggling to get a maf part number 0280 213 021 6 pin early style just wondering if anyone has used the aftermarket ones? Obviously not as good as a bosch but no options left for buying one.
  5. New green spring fitted running much better.now need to relearn ecu since its been powered down so long.good excuse to blip the right foot
  6. Well plumbed in and running its a bit better but still a bit rich.decided to have a look at valve aghhhh its been uprated to yellow spring thats 15-23psi no way will it open under vacuum with that hefty spring and very little pressure so new green spring on its way from forge thats 5-15psi so hopefully vacuum will open it easily at idle now.it is much better just now but i'll change to a lighter spring and update ASAP
  7. One for your library.handy if anyone can help translate
  8. Hi mate ive just literally plumbed it in yesterday just awaiting another silicone hose to connect to bottom of the diverter valve.here's hoping it cures my rich running at idle. I'll keep you posted
  9. Long shot here I'm after a bonrath inlet pipe if anyone can help cheers
  10. Still needing this if anyone can help
  11. http://forums.vwvortex.com/#/topics/3384376
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