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  1. Z engineering on standard injectors

    New green spring fitted running much better.now need to relearn ecu since its been powered down so long.good excuse to blip the right foot
  2. Z engineering on standard injectors

    Well plumbed in and running its a bit better but still a bit rich.decided to have a look at valve aghhhh its been uprated to yellow spring thats 15-23psi no way will it open under vacuum with that hefty spring and very little pressure so new green spring on its way from forge thats 5-15psi so hopefully vacuum will open it easily at idle now.it is much better just now but i'll change to a lighter spring and update ASAP
  3. Z-engineering Parts

    One for your library.handy if anyone can help translate
  4. Anyone have a dipstick tube?

  5. Z engineering on standard injectors

    Hi mate ive just literally plumbed it in yesterday just awaiting another silicone hose to connect to bottom of the diverter valve.here's hoping it cures my rich running at idle. I'll keep you posted
  6. Bonrath pipe wanted

    Long shot here I'm after a bonrath inlet pipe if anyone can help cheers
  7. Anyone have a dipstick tube?

    Still needing this if anyone can help
  8. Anyone have a dipstick tube?

  9. Supercharger vr6 12v tips

  10. Various parts for sale

    Any details on the mapped ecu? Cheers
  11. Vr fuel tank wanted

    Ive pmd you cheers
  12. Vr fuel tank wanted

    Thatd be great as ive got a mk2 16v pump im away to run but id prefer to have the mk3 tank as its easier to use.i can collect as im normally travelling the Edinburgh Glasgow areas with my job.cheers
  13. Z engineering on standard injectors

    Just need 2 T pieces one to T in before charger one to T in between outlet and throttle body one vacum hose to blend in with colour scheme and 2 hoses from valve outlets to T pieces in red aswell.
  14. Z engineering on standard injectors

    Postman was decent this morning eventually received my valve.
  15. Ht lead holder removal

    Yeah slide it to either left or right i cant remember which..theres 2 pan head screws under the cover just for locating and holding cover