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  1. Great effort especially cutting rot out and fresh metal back in.[emoji106]
  2. Its the same as the 3 in the picture the other picture is the type that has the plastic funnel idea why vw had to make 2 different styles
  3. Im dundee obviously id pay postage [emoji106]
  4. My chip i got is allready mapped for stage 1 charger distributor model its a united motorsports chip.but id prefer to have a rolling road fitting a mk3 golf tank i do have a 16v pump and housing etc from a mk2 wasn't sure if it would supply enough on full throttle
  5. Just bought a billet dipstick but doesn't fit.i reckon i need the metal tube that doesn't have the plastic funnel if anyone can help cheers
  6. Well charger housing with my machinist mate need to lift seal to get seal onto sealing area of shaft hopefully machining up a top hat collar to lift the viton seal im fitting to seal on the meantime ebay goodies again Nice billet dipstick on its way
  7. Just for someone i know ill let them know and give you a shout if hes interested
  8. You got a price?
  9. Brace fitted just awaiting seals for charger had to modify housing as seal on charger sits too low on shaft so getting collars machined up to lift seal upto sealing area on shaft.
  10. Bump
  11. Im looking for a single gauge pod for either on the pillar or a dash blank to get my boost gauge fitted.cheers
  12. These pulleys are on ebay for £10 they do need machined out to fit on the supercharger for the shaft it was a one off but i can measure up the shaft dimensions and post it up for you
  13. my new daily arrived in tip top condition
  14. May have found a good quality seal just need to check the depth of the housing for the seal sealing on the shaft. Look at this on eBay