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  1. Vag-hag

    VW FESTIVAL 2017


  2. Vag-hag

    VW FESTIVAL 2017


    yeah please bud, I'm still hopeful that I'll be there! ? Couldn't miss out on the rado only bit, thought it would be huge.....
  3. I have spare flywheels. Based in Barnsley if that's of use?
  4. Meeting at an action event would be cool, vw action or a track day maybe? Opportunity for meeting, watching fun stuff, loud stuff going on, displaying cars and maybe even join in the fun?
  5. Rolling road day sounds ace.... I'll try not to mince my gearbox on the way there this time.
  6. Stealth racing can do these with their eyes shut. Not local for you or me but that's where I'd go
  7. Vag-hag

    VW FESTIVAL 2017


    Great show. I'm definitely up for this!
  8. Vag-hag

    Lambda wanted

    Euro car parts mate. Bosch are available for roughly £70
  9. Fantastic!! Would be great to see some pics of the finished article:)
  10. Hi, i have a good good set of used hoses if you want them?
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