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  1. welcome back! That looks stunning
  2. Toddy

    6 Branch

    Frankly the quality of the stainless 6 branch manifolds are not that great; it's been proven multiple times that stock manifolds flow much better, especially if you have them worked on. Regards to the air intakes, the BMC CDA filter is still a cracking filter; i prefer to house mine internally so as not to suffer with heat soak. Lastly; with respect to coolant hoses, have a look on ebay at the G Plus VR6 coolant hose packs for around £60. They take 5 weeks from China but the quality is fine. Been running mine for years
  3. Could you please drop a PM to @VR6Pete who will be able to assist here buddy.
  4. Welcome aboard buddy. Looks lovely that!
  5. Feel free to DM me matey and I'll give you my phone number to discuss over WhatsApp [emoji106][emoji106]
  6. Have you put it up for sale complete in the Mk2 SEAT IBiza Owners Club on FB? Does it drive? What's the price? Happy to pop an ad up for you?
  7. Shame man!! If you're attending any shows that I am then I'll have that airbox bud; screw the mortgage
  8. Wow she's a beauty; love those things. I've had 3 of them [emoji4] How come you're breaking? I'd be interested more in the airbox if I'm honest; you doing any shows this year? At £80, you'll get that easy if you post into the Mk2VR6 FB Group. I'll have to sit that out atm thanks. Uddy
  9. Out of curiousity; how much would you want for the cable conversion components to prevent the need for hydro?
  10. Thanks for the offer Dale but I'm going to have to sit this one out. I'm on a complete car parts ban for about a year now according to the boss; something about having a mortgage that's more important [emoji23]
  11. I'd have had the gearbox / cable clutch mechanism ideally
  12. Always the way. Too far for me dude but thanks
  13. Where are you located Dale?
  14. Toddy

    Testing water

    Sorry I can't help there then bud. I'm down in SE Kent.
  15. Looks great! Love a booty me
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