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  1. Mine was like this in the new year - not starting well once warm. Was advised to change the coolant temperature sensor. Once changed and the error code cleared on the ecu everything was fine again. It is not the easiest sensor to get out and replace.
  2. Changed the temp sensor at the weekend and got the ecu checked and error code for temp sensor cleared. Everything seems ok now.
  3. Thanks for replies. I will get these looked at sometime in the next few days.
  4. Hi, After advice for problem solving of starting issue when engine warm. Engine starts fine when cold but has just started in the last week to not restart easily when warm. If left for a short while it fires up fine. Any advice is most welcome.
  5. Hi all, Have put some images in the garage showing my V6 4Motion.
  6. Hi, Rear washer not working on my mk4 V6 4motion - have checked and confirmed that everything is ok from the washer motor up to the rear wiper motor. Looks like someone has previously tried to repair the connection with superglue but this has left the part through the wiper motor blocked. Can the pipe/tube through the motor be replaced or is it a full motor replacement? Also whilst I am fixing this issue which is the best solution for a replacement wiper arm - do I go for a mk5 arm or does anyone have a better solution to give a cleaner look? Any help greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi all, After much researching and looking around for the last 2 months I finally succumbed and bought myself a Mk4 V6 4motion. In the past I had a "P reg" VR6 which is why I decided I had to get another V6. I will get some photo's up shortly when i get a chance to get some taken in daylight hours. Will be good to find out when some local meets are happening in the North to get to meet other V6 owners.
  8. Pjc


    Hi, Is the car getting a new mot whilst in for the service you mentioned? Also when did it have its haldex last serviced? Cheers
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