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  1. Hi guys, been a few years since i was hunting down vr bits and bobs. Where can i find the vr6 stainless exhuast manifolds? Used to be ebay 150-180 quid jobbys. Cant remember the name off them tho thanks john
  2. Plans are to get it mint as possible, oem+ with some forced induction ie supercharger. All in good time tho as said this is the 3rd vr Ive had, and im not getting rid off this one. Tucked up in a garage it shall be ? My old two vr's
  3. Hi, im john and i havent been on here for a few years now 5+ ive just purchased a mk3 vr and it has a club sticker in the window, whats the chances off anyone knowing any club history about the car. the reg is M876OBE. this is my 3rd vr over the years, but my first odb1. Thanks john
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