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  1. Ignition Coilpack required

    check my post about the phenolic coilpack spacer !! heat is why they crack and vr6's run hot if you get a new coil pack i can supply you with a phenolic spacer that should safeguard your coil pack
  2. phenolic coil pack spacer

    updated add - second batch now available for some people that missed out on the first or didnt see the post , iv kept the origional add below Hi all i hope this is ok to post on here after owning my vr for 7 years and going through three coil packs i thought id adapt the same idea as my phenolic inlet manifold gasket to the coil pack to help protect it and prolong the life of it iv had the idea for a while and decided to get this sorted as there are non available to buy in the uk its a 6mm pacer cut plate with four new allen head bolts to fit directly to the car , it sits on the side of the engine and in between the coil pack to stop the metal to metal contacting and transfaring heat which in return after time is what makes them crack causing misfires and bad running iv already sold a few but have about nine left but could get some more done if there is demand for them id like 25 pounds for one posted coil packs are pretty expensive these days for a decent one and if your like me then your probably sick of them cracking you can pm me on messenger if you would like one or have any questions
  3. Recirculation valve on z engineering charger

    Im running a v9f with a bosch valve as well Seems fine but i did do some reading and you can use the 007 or the forge splitter valve if you want more noise apparently I thing the bosch ones are ok up to 8psi and then anything over your best off upgrading
  4. [SOLD] Hi-spec 320mm 4 potbrakes

    Messaged you mate if you havent recieved it my number is 07980690184 you can give me a text
  5. Club Event: Rolling Road Day - 05/22/2016

    A bacon buttie ?
  6. Club Event: Rolling Road Day - 05/22/2016

    It was high for na , 230.2 was the figure the camber was out though and according to jon it can male a difference on the rollers but its been set up now and ran a few thousand miles just changed to fully synth oil to so it should all be performing at its max and hopefully good numbers i think anything over 200 is good na , iv put a fair amount in to get that figure like
  7. Club Event: Rolling Road Day - 05/22/2016

    Hoping to hit 230 n/a again , daubt it though
  8. redborbet

  9. Club Event: Rolling Road Day - 05/22/2016

    Ill be at this now mot passed today and a few issues sorted put me down for the rollers

    Thank you daveboy

    Exellent news i was really hoping id get on the stand cant wait for this now Should be a great weekend

    Need to get signed up to the vr6oc but is there room for one more ? If so id deffo take the space as im camping all weekend so would be nice to get the rado on there after its full rebuild
  13. Ill take five strips please can someone send me the paypal adress ? Id say next time you could make this process so much easier by just putting the paypal adress in the origional first post