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  1. looks like its the same questions again . so to save them having to be asked i thought id put this brief email together that should answer most of your questions. As you may or may not know , there are different ways to turbo a vr6 . ill list the main parts, its for you to decide were you purchase them and who fits them. remember its normally the fitment that screws up the running once its all together. ill ammend it when i have time ( and correct my spelling mistakes ) people can add to it if they wish any comments made that drag any company down will be removed . turbo manifold - spa ,
  2. remember that if you choose a maf housing , your best to buy it from the same place that will supply the software . else it may well cause problems when you come to run it UM / The Phirm , sell a package that works very well. again the choice is yours
  3. jims13


    i dont hardly post on here anymore , but i will say this .. IVE had nothing but help from UM UK, and would use there products time and time again. both software and hardware. my vr6 turbo, seat cupra and audi s4 all ran UM Software . and were 100 % better than what arrvied with them . my 2 freinds that had vr6's ran a UM ecu and gained both bhp / trq and general driveability. i have logs to back this up . infact the majority of turbo / supercharged cars on here run UM software or hardware in my varied experiance , when people dont get the results they want , they are all but to happy to blam
  4. i do think im correct in saying he has long since sold the car !
  5. what is the rest of the car like ?
  6. never went away, needed to sort other things though .. seem to be back on track now
  7. lol, yeah ive got some pics , i will post some up at the weekend once it is washed . The car itself is standard looking and if and when i do anything it will stay that way..
  8. 210 -230 mayeb around town , id expect a good 280-320 on run.. even my vr6 turbo did 300 to a tank on a run
  9. well, its been a bit as i been busy doing this and that , but i;ve decided to give my mk4 tdi to my wife and sell her astra , and use the funds from that to get me a new / old car. so last sunday i picked up a j plate 8v gti.. 1 owner from new, tax and mot now its got a few problem shall we say, and it was advertised on the bay o E with most of them , such as. doors not locking boot not opening car dont idle car jerks under throttle exhaust blowing now that is what he said . i found the following door dont lock as every door card has been off and the lock mechs butchered. boot dont open
  10. Lol @ craggsy.. well I'm now not coming as Lisa is doing her best exorcism sick impressions. So need to llook after her and the little people.
  11. ill have my laptop and my full vcds .. plus my UM stuff .. so if anyone wants any obd remaps let em no beforehand . obviously this isn't gona be for vr6 boys.
  12. birchclanger for 0700 sounds good .. can be at the pod by 0830
  13. dont mind dude, depends when everyone else is getting there.. im bringing my ate paul with me , so need to pick him up en-route .
  14. ok , im coming to this .. so put me down .. i take im ok to put the audi v6 2.7 bi turbo with you lot ? tony if u wanna convoy up and fancy it i can meet you at birchanger services .. ring me , as ive got a new phone and no numbers
  15. gona try and make it , just selling some stuff to fund the trip
  16. yeh id be intrested tony , and like the alternating venue's
  17. im looking at the date as we speak , but i think it clashed with another meal i have
  18. I ran a vr6 turbo on track with non work8ng abs for a few years. I never had any problems. Back end would lock and try to come round , but u could feel this and react . Intact it was a better car than many fitted with working abs. Your bushes must have been fubared, to make this abppen . I imagine evrytime u went over a drain cover u could feel it.
  19. ecu would be the same , airbox is however different , make sure you get the aircon box for inside the car, and the control panel with cables.
  20. united motorsport do them , i can recommend them.. what is the car in question ?
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