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  1. hi guys here i have a highline wooden gearknob and steering wheel for sale, i am located in bromley, kent and my number is 07773114069 - may do a PX and cash my way for nice goodies or just a straight cash sale, please look at the links below on ebay for pictures, kind regards. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332796641862 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332798685894
  2. loads of parts from breaking my VR6

    ok text me on 07773114069
  3. loads of parts from my vr6 - ebay link just below for pictures! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332748086586 Last of the parts from breaking my VR6 golf mk3 - have a read ;-) Full set of driveshaft bolts with clamps x12 - £5 vr6 flywheel - £35 vr6 auxillery belt tensioner genuine vw - £25 rare rear undertray, some models had a rear undertray - £25 pair of front bumper indicators, one tiny tab broken - £5 front suspension cups - £10 genuine hella front headlight rear RIGHT cover - £5 lovely condition front toweye - £5 transponder box and ring (needed for conversions) - £15 sunroof switch cover - £5 steering cowling, fits great, one screw in tab broke but use a longer screw and its fine - £8 fusebox - £10 relays - £5 each interior mirror - £2 battery clamp - £2 exhaust manifold heatshield - £5 new fram airfilter, its dirty from storage - £2 rare pas pump splash cover, someone has cut into it a bit - £5 water hoses - heater matrix, lower radiator and TB pipe - price per pipe - £10 front crossmember power steering metal pipe, they always rot badly, this is ok - £10 power steering bottle with green cap and pipe - £10 rear knock sensor - £5 rear middle seatbelt - £5 aircon switch - £8 single window switches - £5 each rear demister switch - £5 some dash blanks - £2 the lot genuine VW cam sensor - £20 (ridiculous money new) brake light switch - £5 uncracked exhaust manifolds - £10 front wiper motor - £5 alternator wire - £5 Vr6 front crossmember, this is only specific to the vr6 model as it has a protection bracket for the front engine mount, other mk3 models do not have this - £20 bonnet sound deadening (with clips) - £10 aircon pipes, one that goes all the way around and one that goes under the battery tray - £10 each aircon condensor bottle - £10 im located bromley in kent, i can post most parts out with a courier ;-)
  4. Golf mk3 vr6 or gti catalytic convertor wanted, inbox me a price delivered to south london please. kind regards ;-) Best to text me on 07773114069 as im not on here a lot
  5. after a genuine one please for a mot then its getting scrapped in a car shell, ddlivered to bromley, kent please. best to text me on 07773114069
  6. ok text my number @noggin kind regards
  7. Breaking my golf vr6 OBD2 engine, no doors or wheels available as they are going onto my green TDI mk3 but smooth green door trims will be for sale. Magnex DTM exhaust, lovely recaros, towbar, had new wings in primer, aircon, leather steering wheel, leather gear gaitor, double twin fans - located bromley in kent and my number is 07773114069 - cant seen to put pictures on here now due to photobucket playing up pics on ebay here - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332580492816?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  8. fantastic golf mk3 full floorpan drivers rear, was going to use it on my VR6 restoration but not needed now! perfect for a restoration. located bromley in kent, number is 07773114069 £50 i cant upload pictures now as photobucket wont allow me to? i can e-mail them over if you like!
  9. eletric sunroof switch in beige?

    cool dude got the lot :-)
  10. Vr fuel tank wanted

    you will find it hard to find one without a corroded filler neck! i have one buddy but am in south london, its got the vr6 4-bar fuel pump inside it ad not the 3-bar one, best to text me on 07773114069 :-)
  11. eletric sunroof switch in beige?

    got one dude and im over the water in bromley, kent! text on 07773114069!