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  1. vr6madmike

  2. Xybers VR

    Gotta be one of the best VR6's out there!
  3. how about these amazing new brembo brakes?

    They look good on your mk4 though' date=' unless you were really looking you'd never know [/quote'] Hahaha you grumble and grunt!
  4. how about these amazing new brembo brakes?

    Can imagine them with discs that look like milk bottle tops on a corsa!
  5. VR6 VS E36 BMW M3

    318 with a M3 badge? I remember an E46 M3 just kept pulling away from my old vr with ease
  6. 20vt is much more fun, loads of torque after a remap
  7. general petrol costs of the vr6 help

    I personally think you will struggle, the novelty will at times wear off and you will want money for other things (going out, the gf ect), but then good on you for trying, its dedication paying that much on running a car,
  8. delete

    Any pics of yours yet mate?
  9. usa golf vr6 road test

    24valves? Independant suspension?
  10. A new project for a new VR6 owner...

    Koni shocks and eibach springs, sorted
  11. £8k for an R32 anyone...

    Its listed
  12. Water, water, everywhere...

    Probably got blocked drain holes down the sides of the wings by the scuttle pannel, whip the pollen filter out, if thats soaking then the water has gone down your air intake and leads into the passenger footwell,
  13. delete

    Awesome, what colour?