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  1. VR6 Turbo parts!

    @vr6_dazza I took them off him mate
  2. Turbo mapping advice

    Vince charges £350+VAT and is one of the best in the business. UM/C2 etc will work but will have much larger tuning tolerances as it's a one size fits all sort of thing. Similar Price to Stealths tunes but Vince @ Steath will be able to dial it in to a much better tune. I have a C2 Stage 2 chip atm but once its back on the road it'll be going to Stealth and the C2 chip will be moved on. The C2 chip served its purpose for testing and ironing out hardware issues last year. Hope that helps?
  3. turbo thoughts - am i right?

    I may have a C2 Stage 2 Chip coming for sale soon
  4. How do you connect the FPR to the rail? I'm at wragby so could collect tomorrow
  5. turbo thoughts - am i right?

    I'll stick my 2p in as ive just finished my build. First of all, Nothing wrong with Ebay turbo's so long as they are sent away before installation for a 360 degree thrust bearing upgrade and new seals. This is what stealth do on their kits. You want to be looking for one around the 0.82 A/R mark for street use. Injectors, DO NOT get the cheap ones on ebay/amazon. I had 6 delivered, 2 stuck fully open, 2 didnt fire at all and 1 fired intermittently and only 1 fired as normal. Ended up hydrolocking the engine at idle with fuel. Drained 10L of fuel from the sump. Emerald sell genuine Bosch 440cc injectors suitable for a VR6 at around £60-65 each. Wastegate wise, i am guilty of using a cheap wastegate but that's due to be changed very soon. Heard bad things about them but im about to change the spring so i'll inspect it then. I'd go tial or turbosmart as previously mentioned. Install ARP head and rod bolts when you do the spacer. Use a mk4 gasket, seperate the 3 layers and use copper spray to seal the two outside parts either side of the spacer IIRC. MAF use a 4" housing and a genuine bosch Maf sensor. Dont use anything else if you plan on going for a 440cc chip or remap. You'll need upwards of £3k to do this well. Anything under that expect problems.
  6. Hi mate got any pics of the fuel rail please?
  7. eBay Chinese turbos

    Any turbo on ebay thats of a suitable size for you and tdi turbos down south. https://www.facebook.com/TDi-Turbos-634884833251922/
  8. eBay Chinese turbos

    I have an ebay GT35 copy and upon stealths recommendations i sent it away to TDI turbos to be rebuilt before fitting for 360 degree bearings and uprated oil seals. Been great for 3000 HARD miles so far in my mk2 vrt. Turbo was £140. Rebuild was £220. Bargain in my eyes.
  9. Please see your pm's :)


  10. Very interested, is the price negotiable? wasn't planning on changing from mine but more scope is always better.
  11. Stealth Racing Turbo Kit discussion

    Some people aren't mechanically minded or may have limitations like lack of tools/space etc. I'm lucky in that aspect as I'm eager to learn and have the space. I found it incredibly fun doing it myself. It really challenged me at times however I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  12. Newbie from Dundee here's my mk1

    That looks stunning mate, Welcome to the forum!
  13. New to the vr6 world

    Welcome! If you're new to the VR6 world, i'd advise you to have a go in a boosted one. That turns the great VR6 into a monster!
  14. hello

    Welcome! It looks like you have your work cut out! There is a mass of knowledge within this forum so I'm sure we'll help where we can!
  15. Club Event: VR6OC @ GTI Festival - 09/10/2016

    Wont be running on the strip mate, not this year so just club stand at GTI?