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  1. I visited the car the weekend, didn't get much done. found myself chasing holes when welding with the arc. so going to try and get a mig welder. Sorry no pictures. Also looks like I will be moving house in the next month or so. new house has large drive and rear access where I'm going to build a carport. So progress will be slow or a little while then once things are sorted at the new place I will try and attempt to move the car to new house then progress will speed right up hopefully. Any body have any ideas on how to move a shell lol.
  2. Love the see through bonnet! brilliant idea. Got any more pictures.
  3. I carried out a vr6 conversion in a 1.4 a few years back. its all plug and play, just use all the engine wiring for the vr engine and the fuse box from it. Make sure you install the fuel pump as well. You will also need the immobiliser box, loom and key. All pretty simple if you have mechanical experience. Any problems just ask away here and someone will help.
  4. Thanks daveyboy. Hopefully have some more updates soon, have a super busy weekend and the car is at my aunts house so can only visit when I have spare time.
  5. I know Dave, but the car didn't cost me anything, if it doesn't work I will scrap it and start again lol. But I'm hoping for this to work as I really like the idea of it. Colour wise I'm thinking a Matte White with gloss black roof maybe? The engine bay will be a completely different colour like a gloss blue. With the inside I will be cutting off all the bits that are not needed, like rear seat mounts etc. Then I may cage it, not really sure yet. Hoping this weekend to finish one side of the van, ready for a sheet of metal to be welded in for the rear panel. Then I can make a start on th
  6. After deciding the route I wanted to take the mk3. At first was thinking a pick up, but really needed a estate for this. Then I looked at buying a flat bed from a different car to then fit on the mk3. But decidied that was to much work. I then came up with the idea of a van, as I really like the astra vans etc.. As this was a 5 door it gave me the small front door's that I needed just needed to decide how I wanted the rear panels to look. First I was thinking of welding up the rear windows and smoothing the whole back out but 1. That's a lot of filler that could crack and 2. would look silly
  7. Anybody have any idea how to change the title of the thread. Have a few updates coming.!!!
  8. Hey Guys. What's the best and easiest way to remove the underseal under the car and behind the wings? Thanks
  9. yeah that was me. Hopefully ill be rocking up in it soon.
  10. Awesome Bealieboy, I will be after subframes, front and rear with brakes and wishbones in the next coming months. Fellow member rates
  11. Hey guys, My names Matt and I'm from Greenhithe in Kent. I've been a member for a few years now I use to own a mk3 that I carried out a vr6 conversion on seen in picture below. But I had a little boy 4 years ago that forced sale and that always left a whole in my heart that needed filling. Well after meeting member djiceman, and introducing him to the world of mk3 VR6's, he brought one and had me do all the work on it, then he got a mk2 and used the mk3 for his donor car. After all the works have been completed, there was this sad looking mk3 shell left on my aunts drive that needed lov
  12. Used a 3mm spacer plate it already had a gasket on it.
  13. Hi guys I've just installed a turbo on a friends vr6. I fitted 263 cams 3mm spacer plate Arp head stud kit 440cc injectors Front mount intercooler and pipe work My question is why does it now run so rough, it's miss firing and won't Rev up. I re checked the timing today and I noticed the lower inlet manifold had little puddles of petrol in it so I changed the injectors to 315cc ones that came with the turbo kit it idles a bit smoother but still won't Rev up. Is this down to the ecu not having a map for the bigger injectors. I thought I would be able to run the car on really low boost till it g
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