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  1. Please see your pm's :)


  2. What you looking for and how much are you looking to pay?? I've got a rebuilt VR6 box with a peloquin lsd in it in my charged vr
  3. I'll be there. 21 days to go :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I'm running 30/70. I've installed to aid cooling of internals in my charged VR. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. 117 E is for abs only, 217 is for abs/edl Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Anybody know if you need tickets into the main shows etc. and roughly how much they are? Me and some friends are hopefully going this year but the Worthersee website isn't too helpful. We found a villa for a week around 10 miles away from the lake for under 400 euros.
  7. I made mine fit behind my bbs. Had to grind a small bit off the edge of the calipers.
  8. Give the fuel lines a bit of a pinch under the bonnet. If the feed line is solid, it's getting fuel but if it's a bit soft, it's not. I did this after being told that a non running car my mate bought had already had it changed. Cost: £3 off ebay for second hand relay. Car now runs.
  9. You can get a new key cut n coded for £30 if you have a working key.
  10. Have a look on the Ross-tech wiki for that code. Might point you in the right direction
  11. Your eBay cable is no good for the software you have. You need a really old version, either 3.11 or 4.09 depending on your cable. Buy a genuine cable, it can pay for itself quickly enough if you can help other people out with it.
  12. The belt that runs the power steering and alternator could well be slipping which would cause your screeching. It could also be any of the bearings. If it's the charger bearings, they can be replaced for about £250 but you can't get the oil seals and I know because I've tried!! After buying and replacing the bearings, I sent my charger off to have it modified for new seals. In the end I part ex'd mine for a brand new one from Robert @ Ruf kompressoren.
  13. Evening all. Which specialist insurance companies can I try for the renewal on my VR? Supercharged, stainless exhaust, etc. putting out 300+ bhp
  14. dead battery or faulty cables close to battery?
  15. Try emailing again. I tried a few times before I got a reply. I also phoned them but the fella was out of the office. I emailed Thursday afternoon and he emailed back the same day.
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