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  1. hi. i'm looking for parts to start collecting ready for turbo build. I need eveything, but for now i am primarily looking for: turbo. holset hx35, Garrett gt35, T04E, that sort of thing with .0.8A/R or so. short intake possibly exhaust manifold bosch 440cc or similar wastegate recirc valve decompression gasket for 12v any odds and sods that you have that may be useful, flanges, oil lines, pipework. anything really. Will need posting to devon and i am trying to do a budget build so plea
  2. I think i would be happy buying a secondhand holset hx35 for £200ish knowing it is good quality and taking the risk with the intention of just fitting it, then rebuilding it in the future as funds allow and as needed. I know its better to fit a rebuilt one but i like to learn by making mistakes! There is one for sale which looks good, what needs to be measured to know if its a 12cm or not as the seller is unsure? also, as i am fitting it into a mk2 scirocco and i can find no information at all (google - you failed me) about fitting a VRT in a mk2 scirocco i am nervous
  3. Thanks for all the great advice. I have been looking around and I think I want to run a stage 2 c2 chip so I need a turbo (holset hx 35 is a good shout as seem to fetch £200 s/h) and eBay cast manifold. Genuine Bosch 440cc (which are really expensive!) And a 4inch maf. The link I posted before I read you can use just the housing and my genuine Bosch sensor in it. And then get on the hunt for turbosmart or dial wastegate but most likely A/V and a good quality recirculation valve and decompression plate. I will probably make a short intake to keep costs down too. I think I hav
  4. i did see the knock off injectors and considered it for a moment. Would going secondhand but quality be the way to go? i see people use tial a lot. i like the idea of doing it for less than £1k and running about 10psi of boost to keep all the parts under very little stress. We all know what happens though and i will want more! Thanks for the feedback
  5. cool. thanks. no rush, i plan to collect parts and build it up over the summer and install it next winter....
  6. definitely interested.... send me some pics and a price you are looking for. just trying to stop the cost spiraling out of control as it is going to cost a fair bit just to make the engine fit my car....
  7. so first off, sorry for repeating what seems to be discussed a lot on this forum but i wanted to see if what i think is correct is in fact correct or not as i am learning as i go I have a 135k VR6 OBD2 with an a2o gearbox. standard everything which i will be putting into a mk2 scirocco using the epytec 'bolt in' kit and modified driveshafts. I have removed some bits which i don't think i need for my conversion, SAI, EGR, PCV, AC, PAS and auxilary water pump. I also stripped the wiring and coolant pipes to bare bones. Whilst it is on an engine stand it would seem rude n
  8. not that people seem particularly chatty, but it is now out, started to clean it up and have stripped SAI, EGR, PCV, AC pump, PAS pump and auxilary water pump. I also stripped off loads of coolant pipes to bare bones. I have now stripped the loom of non essentials and have purchased an 02a gearbox and shifter so it all on track. I have also started painting the block but ran out of paint! next job is to strip it down and get parts powdercoated and do more turbo research....
  9. Hi all. I have done lots of research but i have a few questions regarding the conversion. I have a 1984 mk2 scirocco and purchased a 1998 vw sharan for the donor. It has 135k on it. So its the same as a VR6 into mk1 golf conversion. The gearbox which is in it has 9571t-7f096 written on it and google says this is a DBV which i can find out next to nothing about. It is usual to use the 02a in these conversions and that it completely different to the one i have, different driveshafts, mounts, etc etc. My plan is to buy a new one. Would you recommen
  10. Hi everyone. I'm from Devon and have owned my scirocco for 17 odd years. I have recently undertaken another restoration on it so its really clean. I have always wanted a VR6, as a kid it was the gold standard in magazines etc. Nowadays so many people are doing 1.8T conversions so i thought it was about time to get myself a VR6 and do it. I bought an mot failure sharan for £150 with a good strong 135k engine. I have stripped it out along with gearbox, wiring loom, ecu, transmission, gearstick and some other bits. The rest of the car is being scrapped on thursday. I plan
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