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  1. Obd2 does slightly more power than an obd1 , it’s a newer better system that processes things faster . Hope this helps
  2. I did some work on that car a while ago . The car had an atp cast manifold with a gt4094r a lightly ported head and cat turbo cams !
  3. I did some work on that car a while ago .
  4. Cupra has bigger pistons I think and should work better on a vw
  5. I'm trying to help the man ! Should I let him destroy a 10k motor and then say you should of done that ?
  6. I have to ask the question but how many 1200hp r32 engines are there in the uk ?
  7. Just reading this again , are you seriously planning to map this your self ?
  8. Try EMU just over £500+ and used by some of the fastest vr6's on the planet "DON OCTANE" "FRT MOTORSPORT " ect
  9. Don't go Emerald there are loads of stand alones out there that take the piss out of them ! Pick your tuner and then ask him what does he think you go with ,if he tries to push one of his own on you find another tuner !
  10. It was Ecko who told me about the torque and he has 4motion
  11. They produce to much torque as a 3.2 I have seen Lee's do 890ftlb at about 900hp ! Its nice to see your not a dreamer and I wish you all the luck with your build, hope to see you at pod doing 8's soon ?
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