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  1. Obd2 does slightly more power than an obd1 , it’s a newer better system that processes things faster . Hope this helps
  2. I did some work on that car a while ago . The car had an atp cast manifold with a gt4094r a lightly ported head and cat turbo cams !
  3. I did some work on that car a while ago .
  4. Cupra has bigger pistons I think and should work better on a vw
  5. I'm trying to help the man ! Should I let him destroy a 10k motor and then say you should of done that ?
  6. I have to ask the question but how many 1200hp r32 engines are there in the uk ?
  7. Just reading this again , are you seriously planning to map this your self ?
  8. Try EMU just over £500+ and used by some of the fastest vr6's on the planet "DON OCTANE" "FRT MOTORSPORT " ect
  9. Don't go Emerald there are loads of stand alones out there that take the piss out of them ! Pick your tuner and then ask him what does he think you go with ,if he tries to push one of his own on you find another tuner !
  10. It was Ecko who told me about the torque and he has 4motion
  11. They produce to much torque as a 3.2 I have seen Lee's do 890ftlb at about 900hp ! Its nice to see your not a dreamer and I wish you all the luck with your build, hope to see you at pod doing 8's soon ?
  12. Echo "spelling" from FRT put super tech in his and soon removed them after dropping a few Lord Lee Ross had trouble with them stretching I think but from what I understand all the German boys stay on stock valves ! Have you de stroked yours to an r30 ? And if your goal is 1200hp you need a bigger turbo , and yes I know they are good for 1200hp but not on a r32 . I have just come back from the king of Germany and when you see the turbos them boys run for 1200hp you would feel embarrassed to show your 42 ??
  13. What hp are you aiming for ? Double check your super tech valves are up to the job !
  14. 02m is the only way to go and what's important is that your happy with your car which it sounds like you are ?
  15. It's a result of 447ftlb before 3500rpm ! And please don't take my word for it do some research put a bung in your exhaust manifold with a tail and connect your boost gauge it should not be more than a bar of pressure at a bar of boost 1.1 try it ! You need a good boost controller to give you a nice ramping boost curve and a large turbine housing so they can flow
  16. Yes 362 try btn turbo but they will only list this with the part number so you may have to do a little research .
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