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  1. Hello everyone im looking for help finding the size NPT fitting coming off the charger for the oil return as mine has a small weap of oil tried tightening it doesn't work Thanks in advance
  2. Hi guys I want to know If my vr6 has a single chain or a duplex chain. It is a 1997 R reg mk3 golf vr6 If anyone knows would be much appreciated Thank [emoji41]
  3. At least you will still see it and its in the family. The best outcome I'd say [emoji41]
  4. It's way more than your asking mate I dont want insult you bud
  5. Really sorry to hear that mate I genuinely am. I hope it goes to another great owner I just dont have the funds to purchase it bud i wont waste your time. Again good luck bud [emoji4]
  6. Out my price range to be fair mate good luck with sale.
  7. Any pics and a price in mind mate
  8. Any vr6's for sale closer to london the better Thanks
  9. That all looks confusing don’t know which one to look into there’s loads lol
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