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  1. .. and for special occasions the Corrado.
  2. My VR in the morning sunshine.
  3. Sadly now up for sale. On ebay. Any interest let me know.
  4. Corrado vr6 By Henri

    Absolutely lovely car, mate. Looks fantastic. Love everything about it. Was it modified by you? Either way, you have taste...
  5. Need help with picking a turbo

    Keiron. Breaking third gear is nothing to do with the turbo per se. Its a result of a gearbox that is well known to be unable to reliably handle over 400ft lb. i'm told the 2wd gearbox from a 1st gen Seat Leon Cupra R is more robust. I run my car up to 1bar of boost which gives me about 370bhp and the same torque to avoid breaking the O2a. If I do kill it I might uprate, but so far, so reliable.
  6. Need help with picking a turbo

    Keiron. I'm sorry buy I disagree. A GT30 is rated to 500bhp. I agree that you'll get diminishing returns towards the top end, but I still fail to understand why anyone really needs more than 400bhp in a front wheel drive car anyway. And also RonnyDi has also said that he wants 350-400bhp. I'm proof that a GT30 is perfectly adequate and anything bigger is unnecessary for this power requirement. I think that anyone who reckons they need more bhp simply hasn't been in a turbo'd VR6 with that much power. On the road there really isn't much that troubles you. And the other point is ensuring the intercooling is sufficient. If it isn't right, it doesn't matter how big your turbo is, you'll produce excessive heat and a drop off in power against boost pressure.
  7. Need help with picking a turbo

    I can highly recommend a GT3071. Produces up to 450hp easily and delivers it really easily. On my VRT its spooling from 1700rpm and by 2500 its off! By 4000rpm its ripping your face off. I run mine T 11psi and its more than enough for the road frankly. And I've got a diff. The point is that its really well specced for the VR. A friend had a GT3076 and that too was an excellent turbo for the VR. I'd say don't be tempted to go bigger as you simply don't need to. A GT30 frame will make for a quicker real world car as the performance is that much more accessible. HTH
  8. If your in the south of England, i can highly recommend United Motorsports which did the live remapping (from a base file), which took account of my mods (cams, filter, exhaust etc). Organised through The Phirm based in Camberley, Surrey. All down recently along with a couple of other bits and very happy to have the car back. Charlie
  9. chazrad

  10. Really sorry to say that I will no longer be able to make this RR day now. It's a real shame but a family engagement has come up which has trumped it sadly. Was looking forward to seeing what the Golf would make too! Hey ho. Next time. Sorry to mess you around VR6CABBS but thought the sooner you knew the batter. Best wishes. Charlie
  11. Thought I would start a thread for my VR6 Golf. I am lucky enough to own a Corrado VRT as a weekend toy, so this is the daily. Have been a (smallish ) part of this forum for a few years now and have always been impressed with the standard of some people's cars. Have had this mk3 for 4 years, having had a auto 3-door Highline beforehand. I was Iucky enough to find this one available for sale just at the right time when I was looking for a good one, and the bonus was that this one had had a load of work already done to it including a set of 17s, Coilovers a Jetex stainless system and HIDs. In my time, I have done a few things: LCR Brembos, Eibach roll bars, fully polybushed, removed a centre box from the system, fitted magnecore leads, drilled the Airbox (old Skool), fitted black Recaro front seats and changed the wheels. Recently, I fitted a Vento front end, got the wings and bonnet resprayed, fitted a set of KW V1s I have had a for a while, fitted one of Dave's short shift kits (have one on the Rado too), fitted solid cable change bushes, fitted a competition front mount and put H4 HIDs into the Vento lights. Finally, the car now has an Alcantara trimmed original wheel and gearknob which look and feel great. I am now really pleased with the car as it is. Aside from regular servicing, it's never let me down or cost me much to keep running. With the Compomotive 1780s on (recently removed from the Corrado) I reckon it looks hard as nails too. Next things are likely to be an engine rebuild, as I don't think the chains have been done, but as a stock engine (not even a remap), she goes, and importantly sounds, really well.
  12. Its worth doing the clutch whilst your there, so factor the cost of a new one in at the same time.