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  2. Thanks again for all your help it's really nice to find people that are happy to share quality information ?
  3. Thank you for your detailed reply i will start sourcing parts I run a garage myself so will do all mechanical work myself so saving there I've had a chat with our local engine tuner about maps he seems confidant also talked to storm developments in reading about a stand alone Ecu for £2000 ish which seems very reasonable so it depends how we get on thanks again
  4. hi im Rich, im a bit new to this so hi everyone Im after some help i want to do a turbo conversion on my mk4 golf 2.8 v6 4 motion but struggling to find part suppliers for this conversion I can get a kit from france but its mainly for left hand drive golfs i know it can be done but a bit more messing about as far as i can make out does anyone know if there are any suppliers in the uk for this conversion please
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