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  1. Tax

    Sounds like a recipe for some nice noise. I bought some eBay "special" coil overs for my vr6 many years ago .... It can go around a bend but the ride is a bit harsh, how you planning on lowering it? And you shouldn't need any wheel spacers.
  2. Tax

    That's a standard tax class, my 420d and vr6 is the same class. That looks nice and tidy how much is it setting you back?
  3. I agree the painter looks very good, almost looks like he can skip polishing. I'm amazed out how much tire you got to fit as well.
  4. My first car

    Got new rubber that fits under the arches. Nothing special as its a set to tune on (and I'm not really bothered at this point)
  5. My first car

    I must admit I was looking at such turbo you talk about but couldn't find one that would be shipped quickly. That's a eBay gt30 turbo think it cost 120 quid, I plan on seeing how long it last and I'm on the look out for a real gt35 or hx35-40 but I would also look for a eBay special ball bearing gt35. I will be sure to let you know how the Chinese turbo holds up.
  6. My first car

    Throttle body
  7. My first car

    Started intercooler piping, need to relocate the throttle body now.
  8. Well as the title says this was my first car I bought ten years ago. I converted it to a vr6 8 years ago drove it around for 2 years then couldn't insure it. Since then I've have a few company cars and still have one now. So what I have here is a car that I don't want to get rid of even low it needs alot of tlc, so iv finally started building it up as a budget toy. I have it ruining on mega squirt 1 with 630cc injectors and a 8:1 decompression plate so it's now getting a load of budget boost. This is not going to be a expensive build except for the bits I can't skimp on ie injectors don't want a lean cylinder. Here are some photos I have taking on the way in no real order. If anyone is interested in seeing how this turns out I'll keep it updated.
  9. This is the sort of build I wish I could justify (with the missus of course:-P) Amazing so far look forward to seeing the end results.
  10. 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion

    Like I said I got a gt30 im installing, allready looking at a gt35 lol. hopefully I'll get mine done for next month, I'll upload some videos if I do. insurance starts 1 of April so I got to get it done :-P
  11. For reference http://forums.fourtitude.com/showthread.php?7074588-Longitudinal-VR6-24V-belt-tensioner-question#/topics/7074588
  12. Most likely the aux belt tensioner. I replaced the bearing in mine for 4 quid. To do this you need to remove the bearing from the pulley and to do this you will need to remove some of the lip off the hole that the bearing sits in. I used a Stanley knife it works well.
  13. 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion

    Look forward to the build thread, sounds like you have a good group of friends to help out. I believe 400hp is not unreasonable on a stock block, there was someone ruining a caddy at 600hp with a stock 12v block lol Think he got a good few miles in before it went bang, if I remember correctly a piston melted. If your changing rods and pistons I think there pretty safe around 500hp, of course its normally a bad tune that kills a motor or a bad waste gate. As for welding I'm doing my own, maybe I shouldn't looking at my end results haha.
  14. 2.8 vr6 24v vvt 4mo turbo conversion

    I belive the 24v has a cast crank, the reason I'm staying below 400hp is because I don't want to look for clutches, gearbox's or crankshaft in the case of 24v. I'm 28 now I have a nice daily, for my toy I'm looking for affordable fun. Gt30 or gt35 if your looking for reliable fun anything bigger I hope you got money to burn. Don't want to sound old but set realistic targets and you should get there.