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  1. V5 to v6

    On going engine swapVID_42010810_080104_072.mp4
  2. I've did the v5 to v6 swap. Only thing different was clutch size and exhaust size. Plug and play with ecu coded to the car
  3. New here... v6 4mo rebore to r32??

    Buy a crash damaged car for every thing
  4. Headliner re trim

    http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/58df430026702/Screenshot_20170401-070304.png? Painted the plastic black as well Was a nightmare to get out lol
  5. Headliner re trim

    Before and after http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/58df42e9a3c4f/Screenshot_20170401-070312.png?
  6. Headliner re trim

    http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/58debcfc357ff/DSC_0047_1.JPG Before
  7. Headliner re trim

    http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/58debc92c258e/DSC_0170_1.JPG After
  8. G60 flywheel question

  9. G60 flywheel question

    I recently changed a beetle v5 sport engine (2.3) to a r32/ttv6. It's a 5 speed v5 (fwd)gearbox with vr6 flywheel and clutch. 6 speed gearbox only come in 4 wheel drive (r32/ttv6/4motion) you need to remove the transfer box to run fwd. If your box is fwd only. It's off a 4 cylinder engine and will not fit as the bellhousing are different sizes on vr engine and 4 cylinder.
  10. G60 flywheel question

    It wouldn't fit. G60 has 6 bolt holes for 4 cylinder engine . V5 / vr6 / r32 have 10 holes. Vr6 clutch( 5 speed) are a different size to 4motion r32 clutch (6 speed)