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  1. I believe there are only 2 Eos 3.6s in the UK so probably why you haven't heard about them....they are as rare as chickens with lips lol
  2. Cheers mate...mine is the 3.2 but there are a couple with the 3.6 engine.
  3. Forgot to say, there seems plenty of 2ltr turbos about but a V6 Eos is hard to come by as they don't come up for sale on a regular basis lol...be great to get there with mine and get in the mix with other VR6 VWs.
  4. I think I'll be able to plan my leave so I can get there. A good mate of mine from Sunderland but living in Hartlepool goes to a few VW meets (mostly campers) so I'll drag him along for the weekend...he has an old but in great condition original split screen California edition camper van and a nearly new T5 camper van also a California.
  5. Leeds isn't too far for me either as I'm in Hartlepool lol
  6. Cheers mate, Apologies for the late reply, I'm a Merchant Seaman so I don't have a phone signal most of the time when I'm at sea. I'll deffo be there if I'm not away at the time. It's quite rare among the V6 Eos cars too as it also has the "Individual" trim and I think there are less than 20 registered in the UK with the engine and trim combo lol. Best Regards, Lee.
  7. Hi RBPE, The above links are perfect and point me in the right direction. I think I already have the Bentley equivalent manual (Elsawin) downloaded onto my laptop too so all of the information and procedures together with your links will be very helpful and when I come to do anything I'll just print out the relevant pages for guidance. Many thanks for your help.
  8. Hi RBPE, Many thanks for those links, I have seen them before on the Eos forum and they will make good reading for understanding what's what. I am looking for more of a vr6 engine specific manual with step by step maintenance instructions such as changing the serpentine belt, renewing coil packs etc
  9. Hi All, This is my 1st question so I hope it's in the correct thread. I have a 2007 VW Eos with the 3.2 V6 engine and although I have VCDS to run diagnostics and Elsawin on my laptop which is good I would prefer having a hard back manual that covers specific engine maintenance and repairs such as a Haynes. There aren't any Haynes manuals available for the Eos and I was wondering if there are any manuals available for other models that the engine is put in? I have tried the Haynes manual for the mk5 Golf which the Eos shares a very similar platform but the Go
  10. Hi All, I think I’m in the right place for my engine. I bought a 2007 3.2 V6 VW Eos last year and joined the Eos forum for general information and tips about the actual car but I haven’t really learnt much about the engine yet and thought I’d be better off joining an engine specific forum. I will read through some threads before I start asking questions but thought it best if I give a quick hello first. Take it easy, KristLee.
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