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  1. It’s a shame people don’t use the forums as much as they used to. This was a great centre of knowledge for the VR6. I think people still check back every now and then but don’t post as much. I’ve Met some great fellow VR6 enthusiasts on here. Some great rolling road meetings at stealth have been organised on here is the past also. I can’t stand tapatalk, just doesn’t seem to work and is horrible to use, that with the fact people don’t use websites to chat anymore it’s all app based may not be helping.
  2. I’m honestly not sure, iv never seen them run a rwd car? Not sure if it would fit with the exhaust extraction and fans etc being in the wrong place. Can’t hurt to ask them though
  3. It had a few maintenance jobs done, service, brake system sorted and a custom remap. They sorted the horrible throttle response as part of the map that r32s are apparently known for. While I was there I just asked Vince and Jon about a possible rolling road day.
  4. I was at stealth racing the weekend picking my brothers r32 up with him. I mentioned we hadn’t had a rolling road day this year to vince and Jon. They seemed ready and interested to host a rolling road day for the club if organised and numbers were good. The r32 and corrado owners club could also be invited to help with numbers if need be. I like the rolling roads days at stealth as the guys are very knowledgeable and always very helpful with giving advice and recommendations where required. Just a thought. A rolling road day would be nice
  5. Not yet, I think we were hoping for a Sunday in september but are struggling to get numbers up....
  6. Maybe we could open it upto corrado owners club or gti etc to see if they can bump the numbers up?
  7. Yes put me down please mate, will need to know a date as soon as poss though as may need to book the day off work.
  8. This is a great day out. Iv been to the last two and love meeting everyone at stealth. Especially good if the weather is nice. Might be worth putting this on the front page of the site so everyone sees it.
  9. Nooo don't do it lol. Can't believe your gonna sell....... looked great at the last Rolling road day. Shame we haven't had one this year?
  10. Thanks for your message. Sorry no buy it now price. Iv replied on eBay ?
  11. Selling my milltek system on eBay. Only used for 6 months. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222450626999 Thanks for looking.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that you will soon need to be taking a back seat position Pete. However I can only imagen how it must demand so much time, You and other organisers do a great job with the club, website and events. I hope someone with the spare time and dedication required can be found. This is a great club dedicated to a great engine and Vw models it would be a terrible shame to see it slip.
  13. I'm trying to upload a few pics for you from photo bucket, the code isn't copy right though Will try again tomoz. The pic that Pete has uploaded though is my car by the looks of it.
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