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  1. Cos140 - I'm having the same trouble with my V6, although mine is the AUE engine code. Is there any chance you can give more detail and/or point me in the direction of a forum/thread where you got your info please? Craggsy, in addition to your point about the R32 VVT - the VVT on the R32 is different to the 2.8, I'm told. The 2.8 is an on/off thing operated on the timing chain to help with emissions when cold, the R32 has 'true' VVT. Probably not helpful to the thread in general, but I'm trying to track down issues with my Golf at the mo and I'm finding the internet is a jigsaw of informat
  2. Would the maps be interchangeable do you know? ie can I transfer the AUE supercharged map to the BDE ECU?
  3. Can anybody tell me the differences between the AUE and BDE engine codes? Are there any physical differences between the engines, and are the ECU's interchangeable? Cheers.
  4. I’m having issues with oil bypassing my supercharger so I’m trying to make sure the basics are right before I start trying to troubleshoot the harder (read expensive!) things. I want to go over the breather system and make sure if it is all tip-top, but I’m having trouble even finding all the breather components! I’ve located the cam-cover breather, but can’t seem to find any crank case breather, as it’s quite cosy under the bonnet of my Golf! Can someone give me a brief run-down on the V6 breather system please (location of key pipes, valves, filters, etc) and also let me know if there ar
  5. On another forum there are a few Golf owners who have been having the issue where there aircon refuses to work even if the system is gassed up and leak free, and the compressor seems to be functional but not powering up. Before spending loads of cash on controller units, swtiches etc, your problem might be a dodgy connector under the battery tray. As I have bought another Golf that appeared to have this issue, I took some photos this evening while I fixed it, hopefully this will be of use to people? To start with, I had a look at my old Golf, which I knew had already been repaired. under th
  6. So I was browsing ebay looking for supercharger kits, when I came across this: Because under the bonnet was this: Full spec list: X-Reg (2000), Silver, 3 Door , 72500 Miles Vf Engineering-Stage 2 Supercharger (approx 285bhp - supported with RR printouts) Bilstein Coil over suspension Standard 4motion 16" alloy wheels Miltek one box-Cat back exhaust Blue Haldex Controller Forge Quickshift Clear/Red/Clear Hella rear lights Recaro Interior VW manufactured Sat Nav R32 Gearstick MOMO silver steering wheel R32 Front Bumper Smoothed rear Bumper which I think will make a much better track
  7. So a fair bit has happened in the past two years!! First, I had to do something about this: So I cheated and bought a carbon wrap kit off ebay. It's not perfect, but a definite improvement! Originally, my plan was to use the car as a daily driver, but the small boot and fuel consumption soon killed that idea! So, instead I've been using the car for track days, which is a lot more fun! However, it did mean that I soon decided that these: needed upgrading, so I went out and bought this lot: Some comparison shots: Fitted: These help it stop a lot quicker! However, now I
  8. Cheers for all the help guys - eventually I went for some 344mm EBC solid discs, with R32 calipers and yellow stuff pads. They make a massive difference on the track!
  9. Thanks for the reply. I had a look at the link and it was for the Mk5, which I think uses different discs (the PCD is bigger). The price (including the discount, which still works btw) was still close to £400!!!
  10. I'm currently in the process of upgrading the front brakes on my V6 4Motion to 344mm R32 brakes. To do this, I need a new set of discs. My local motor factors are coming back with silly prices for front discs. I have done a quick ebay search and can get cross-drilled and grooved discs (Mtech or similar) for a fraction of the price of the factors. Is this because the local factors are trying to rip me off, or the 'upgrade' discs on ebay are shonky quality? Does anybody have any experience regarding ebay brake discs? The car is mainly used for spirited road driving, and track days. A
  11. My Golf has an armrest, which I know is considered to be a worthy 'upgrade'. However, I hate mine as I find it is in the way when I want to put the handbrake on and change gear. Just lifting it out of the way is all very well, but a pain when the lid opens and hangs out into the rear seat space, as it hinders people getting in and out (my car is a 3 door). So, I'd like to remove the armrest. Is this possible? Is there something that goes into the hole that is left in the centre console to tidy it up? Cheers.
  12. Cheers for the warm welcome guys. I'm torn whether to do the alloys standard silver or anthracite. Hmmm! I think it might need better tyres as I took it out for a spin earlier in the wet and it powerslides like crazy on corners, which is a bit disconcerting! Immediate plans, other than wheels/tyres, is to replace the aircon pressure switch and get the aircon working, and keep nailing the bits of trim (need two new wing mirror covers for a start). I've currently got carbon fibre wrap covering the centre console, which does make a big difference, but as the car has climatronic (or whatever it's
  13. My new purchase is a 2002 Golf VR6 4Motion. I got it at a very reasonable price as the previous owner had obviously made more enemies than friends: So the first job was to get the paint sorted, followed by a mammoth G3/G10/hardwax/polish/extra protection exterior valet: Followed by a full service including oil, filter, air and pollen filters, haldex oil and filter, and diff oil for good measure. While rolling around underneath I noticed that the rear discs were in a shocking state: So I got those sorted too (standard OEM discs & Green Stuff pads): I also did a full inter
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