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  1. I’m back

    Hello all Well I’m back, after a few years away from a VR6 (had to drive a Saxo, was a VTR so not all bad but still not a dub ha ha) I’ve gone a brought a R32, it’s a 2003 with 93k and full history, only a few mods 3sdm’s 18x8.5 in the front and 18x9.5 on the rear, AP coilovers and Scorpion exhaust rear section only. The wheels needs a clean up along with a couple of other things I’ll get sorted bit by bit. No really plans to do to much to it at the moment but we all know how easily that can change he he, buzzing to be back in a Golf
  2. The Duke

  3. My Mystic Blue MK3 VR6

    Unfortunately, I've had to sell the vr as I'm moving back home and would never have finished it the time I've got left. Gutted I didn't finish it think it would've been a lot of fun.
  4. GTI International 2015 Shakespeare County Raceway


    Is there a VR6 O/C stand this year? I'm going up with a few pals from COV but would be good to meet some faces from here
  5. Throttle Bodies

    From my understanding a short runner intake doesn't give much bhp either on a N/A. If you want big bhp go turbo from what I've read over the years
  6. Throttle Bodies

    Depending on what else you've done you're probably looking at a max of 220/230 bhp. To get 250 bhp takes massive amounts of work there was a thread I read VWVortex http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?2616140 Read this if you want N/A tuning
  7. Throttle Bodies

    I seen that on YouTube a while ago, that's what made me want tb's. They sound the nuts, I could listen to that all day
  8. Throttle Bodies

    I've been looking at throttle bodies for the VR. Jenvey don't do a kit for the VR when I emailed them they put me on to Grant Motorsport but I've not heard the best things about him. If you want big bhp then go with a turbo or charger, with throttle bodies your looking around 20 bhp which isn't a massive gain but they will sound the nuts. BRC Automotive do a manifold for bike throttle bodies http://www.brcautomotive.co.uk/our-projects.html Bogg brothers haven't done a VR before (it was awhile ago I spoke to them so may have now) but said they could make a kit for bike tb http://www.boggbros.co.uk/ There are some companies that do a full kit, there's one in Germany but I can't remember the name and there's VRS Northampton that do a full kit but it's not cheep https://www.facebook.com/116115708405730/photos/pcb.1032419630108662/1032416676775624/?type=1&theater Or the other option is to use M3 tb and have a manifold made up, you do see the odd set come for sale
  9. My Mystic Blue MK3 VR6

    Few more parts have arrived Sunroof blank Gonna take some time off work and try and put things back together again, working 60 hours a week come the weekend I've not got much enthusiasm plus the footy season is over so should have more time over the next couple of months
  10. This should help as to how many left https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=vr6+golf
  11. 1000hp VR6 12VT

    That things bleedin nuts!! I want one
  12. Considering buying

    I don't think the car looks to bad to me just needs a bit tlc, looks like it's been fairly well maintained and it's low millage too. The price seems fair if the wings and sills etc come back in good nick but you've always got to get a few quid off
  13. MIVW

    A few friends are organising a trip to MIVW. Thought I'd share in case some of you are interested or maybe attending https://www.facebook.com/events/341850529348011/ Hoping I'll be there but it'll be close as to whether the VR's finished in time or not
  14. My Mystic Blue MK3 VR6

    Sorry for the late reply been a mad weekend! Thanks for that should make things a bit easier, gives me a better idea anyway. Thanks
  15. My Mystic Blue MK3 VR6

    I couldn't agree with more. Just out of interest how have you fitted yours? Did you bolt them in?