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  1. (SOLD) Hella quads for sale

    they are on uk ebay at the moment. item number 172558125336
  2. (SOLD) Hella quads for sale

    These are on eBay, the auction ends in a couple of hours
  3. (SOLD) Hella quads for sale

    Item number is 172527036118 mate
  4. (SOLD) Hella quads for sale

    They are on eBay now
  5. (SOLD) Hella quads for sale

    Hi guys, the other person has let me down so these are still up for grabs. So let me know if you want them?
  6. (SOLD) Hella quads for sale

    If he passes then I will let you lot know
  7. (SOLD) Hella quads for sale

    £150 I've got someone on another site that says he wants them
  8. Good condition, with hid. One mounting tab for cover on drivers side has broken but doesn't affect it in any way. Requires new side light bulb holders.
  9. Post the last photo of your car!

    Put some pictures up!
  10. Hi all, I'm posting this up for somebody else but thought someone might be interested on here. 3p air ride kit 4 months old Less than 800miles Link: www.caraudiosecurity.com/95682-vw-golf-mk3-digital-3p-1-4-air-suspension-slam-kit He wants £2k for it. He also said the boot install can come with it. He is also breaking his car and all the parts are available. Wheels have recently been refurbished. And all panels on the car are mint. The car is a mk3 got 16v Contact him direct: Benn 07917873240
  11. Compomotive Th2's

    did you buy these @Bealieboy?