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  1. [SOLD] MK4 VR6T 4 motion For Sale

    SOLD, I got a guy to buy it as a going concern and it now resides in Dartford.
  2. If you contact Wayne Schofield, Chipwizard, he mapped my V6 MK4, he had the car for a week and has done a great job, SAI, Immob and just about every other delete going including the after cat lambda's. He is not cheap but he does know his stuff.
  3. Try asking them in public on Facebook, a little poor customer service is not well liked when all can see. My personal experience with HEL was very good.
  4. [SOLD] MK4 VR6T 4 motion For Sale

    I am still selling my 2002 Golf 4Motion, it is a track car and is stripped out, it is still ok should you want to MOT it and drive it on the road. It has a low boost turbo set up and is producing 280bhp reliably, Eibach ARB's front and rear, Brembo 4 pot 323mm up front with EBC discs and Ferodo DS3000 pads, GAZ GHA adjustable coilovers, Team Dynamic Pro Race 3's like new, also Pro Race 1.2's used with slicks, 5 point harnesses, bucket seats, momo steering wheel, polybush front subframe, 19 row oil cooler, H&R 15mm wheel spacers etc. This is a good track car, nice and easy to drive with good feel, all ESP has been removed using VCDS so it is easy to make the car come alive in the corners, it would make a good starter car for someone getting into the track day scene or a good base for adding more power. I will give it a few more weeks and then it will be broken and sold as parts.
  5. I rang HEL when I wanted braided lines to fit my Brembo's I told them the car the Brembo's were off and what car the lines were being fitted too, within ten minutes he told me what I needed and a price, lines were delivered within a week. These are for a MK 4 4 motion Golf and Leon Cupra R Brembo's also the rear lines are in this picture. Sorry I don't have any part numbers.
  6. 02M 6 Speed Gearbox

    Oh I see, original post edited as per ibizaPartyBoy's information.
  7. 02M 6 Speed Gearbox

    O2M 6 Speed gearbox, removed from a 1.8T, TT Quattro, good working order, should fit 4 cylinder VAG engines, if you require a strong gearbox for a front wheel drive car a blanking plate can be sourced so the transfer box can be removed. Propshaft is also available. Collection Only £250 ono.
  8. Pedal Box - WANTED

    OK, Thanks, I have to get the Vento here which will be in May, I have had an offer for a pedal box already from another VR6 forum member but if that falls through I will let you know. The MK2 is my sons so when his exams at UNI are over we will be starting the conversion of his 1.6 driver into a 1.9 tdi, should be fun even if two cylinders are missing!
  9. Pedal Box - WANTED

    Guys, I hope someone can help my son. He has a MK 2 1.6 driver and we will be swapping out the engine next year and replacing it with a Vento TDI unit, to do this we need to convert the clutch from cable to hydraulic and need a Corrado or Passat B4 pedal box and master cylinder etc. Anybody breaking a car or have a garage full of bits that might be harbouring what we need? Let me know via PM, happy to collect from within the UK. All Vento parts that we do not need for the conversion will be up for grabs after the engine transplant has happened.
  10. VR6 donor car wanted

    No worries, if you do want a 24 valve I have spare engine, I also have gearbox, sub frame and a few other bits and bobs, all have to go as I want to do something else in the new year. If I can't sell the MK4 as is I will be parting it out in the new year. Good luck with the Caddy.
  11. VR6 donor car wanted

    Have you ever considered a MK 4, 4 motion conversion for your Caddy? Have a look here and see what you think of a possible donor car LINK
  12. Low boost setup can it be done ?

    My Golf is a 24 valve MK 4, it is running 7 psi, has a fuel pressure regulator upping the pressure to 4 bar, it is remapped and has no decomp plate, figures on the rolling road are 285 bhp and 280 nm torque at the wheels. Build thread HERE
  13. [SOLD] MK4 VR6T 4 motion For Sale

    I know, also forgot to mention the down pipe and all induction piping was made by Russ Fellows, bargain for somebody who wants to get out and do some trackdays
  14. [SOLD] MK4 VR6T 4 motion For Sale

    Thanks Pete, car is great but will cost me too much to get any sort of MSA log book on it, so onto pastures new to buy a log booked car. Lots of high quality bits on this Golf, I spent a to of money and it has only done a dozen trackdays if that.
  15. The time has come to part company with my Golf, quite a few of you have seen it on track, driven it or passenger in it, the car has evolved form a low mileage V6 4motion from late 2002, it is stripped out with harnesses, bucket seats, GAZ GHA coilovers, Brembo callipers, EBC grooved discs and Ferodo DS 3000 pads, in addition the car has Eibach anti roll bars, Team Dynamic Pro Race 3's in good condition, a set of team dynamic pro race 1.2's in a used condition, four brand new Federal 595 RS-r tyres ready for use, 15mm HK wheel spacers on ever corner and a MOMO steering wheel. A Brand new R32 steering rack has also been fitted in the first few weeks of ownership along with new track rod ends and polybush wishbones, in addition to the car I have some spare parts also up for grabs with the car, prop shaft, gear box, driveshafts and a spare engine. The engine has been turbo'd with a low boost set up, it runs 7 psi on stock internals, producing 285 bhp at the wheels and 180 nm torque, it has been professionally mapped on the rolling road with all unnecessary under bonnet weight removed, such as the SAI and A/C pump etc. I currently trailer the car to the circuit but if you add a CAT the car still has all the lights so should pass an MOT. I have had a lot of fun in this car, it is a good safe platform when in track with predictable cornering habits, I am selling it so I can fund another car to enter into competitive motorsport as track days have given me a good insight into track driving and I am now ready for a bit more competition and proper racing. Here is a link to the build I would like £3,000 for the lot, or if I get enough interest in the parts that are on the car I would consider breaking it. Pictures are here, follow the link to my Flickr Album. In car video can be found here. contact me via PM, thanks for looking.