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Found 1 result

  1. VWDRC 2015

    It's that time of year again, pre-season is coming up and there is still time for you to join us. What is the VWDRC? There are two classes in the VWDRC - Sportsman and Pro. Both are open to any vehicle that is either powered by a VAG-group engine or that is built around a VAG car/chassis. If your car is running quarter-mile times of 12.99 seconds or less then you are placed into the Pro class. What is bracket racing? Bracket Racing is a way of handicapping drag racing so that you don't need a super fast pro-race car or a huge wallet to win. Basically the competitor makes a series of practise passes. He or she then decides the average time it has taken to drive down the 1/4 mile and uses this figure as a 'dial-in' time. This figure can be adjusted within class rules as the meeting progresses. With two competitors ready to do battle these 'dial-in times' are written on the car (usually with shoe whitener on a window). As the cars come to the famous 'Christmas Tree' (traffic light starting device) the timekeeper enters these times into the computer. A staggered start is thus produced. The slower car leaves first and if both drivers run their perfect 'dial-in time' they will cross the line in a dead heat. But of course this never happens. A driver may react slowly to their green light or may fluff a gear change. They may have even lost engine power. So it is the driver who can most consistently run to their dial-in that wins the day, without running too fast ('breaking out' - going faster than their dial in) or leaving the start line before their green light ('red light', 'cherry' - early bath!). In short, Bracket Racing is a way of making drag racing "fair" so that it's not just the person with the most money that wins, it's down to driver skill, knowledge of your car and consistency