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  1. Hi folks, Quick update...I'm not picking the new car up until Wednesday evening so you've got a while longer to offer some monies. If you've got £400 then she's yours. If she doesn't sell then it'll be a job for Ebay.
  2. Unfortunately forgot to
  3. Hi mate, I wasn't planning on selling off bits and bobs with the added hassle of postage, but...if you can collect it from me and bung me a tenner then it's yours.
  4. Meant to add that I've still got the original stereo and also new black exhaust wrap for the manifold which I had planned on doing at some point.
  5. Morning, here's the pic of the MOT failures and advisories... Scan 5.pdf
  6. I'm fairly sure it was written in the description...£500 ovno. Just noticed that I haven't uploaded a pic of the MOT failure/advisory list sheet...I'll do it in the morning...soz.
  7. Hi guys and gals, It's time to sell my VR6 as I need the space for some dodgy gear...not really, it's for another car that I'm hopefully getting this Sunday. It's sadly an MOT failure (now ran out) on the things that's written on the failure form...if the pic uploads ok! I personally can't warrant the expenditure getting it fixed even though my heart says yes but my head (and missus) says no. I really need it gone by Sunday or Monday morning at the latest so I'll gladly listen to any offers but would like around the £500 mark or ovno. It still starts and drives perfectly well so
  8. Quick update on my clutch woes... Good news is that I managed to start it in gear and drive (slowly) to the garage and dump it outside for them to push it inside when they had time. There's actually no bad news as they phoned to tell me that it looks like the pedal assembly gubbins has broken...been quoted £65 + VAT so not as much as I was dreading. But...won't be done until Monday (or started I should say!) More to follow.
  9. Hi folks, Just driving home today from a bit of shopping and the clutch pedal travel became weirdly slack and the biting point ended up being quite a bit lower than normal... Anyways...it finally went about 10 minutes after it first started to go a bit funny and now the pedal is stuck firmly to the floor and wont budge at all. Now I'm not a world beating mechanic but even I know that that's not how it should be so I'm having a stab in the dark that the clutch is buggered! Unfortunately the garage isn't next door but is only a few minutes from where the car is...couple of questions, W
  10. Looks very nice indeed...did you use rattle cans or a spray gun/compressor set up? My rear arches need a quick makeover and was wondering if using a can or two would give a good finish. If you did use the can method which type/make did you decide on?
  11. Hi folks, Just been told about this number plate for sale... Blah blah bloody blah...only for O2 registered cars or newer!. That's just 'ism' of some description, perhaps ageism! https://www.click4reg.co.uk/dvla-number-plates/VW02VRG/
  12. Hi guys, Just a quick update on the above topic... Finally managed to have a day off to tackle the bonnet problem and I'm ruddy ecstatic to announce that I've managed to release it... Good news is that the grill came off with no breakages at all...not so good news is the slightly large area off of the fibre glass/plastic guard thing in front of the catch mechanism which had to be cut(hacked) away(see pic).Luckily it can't be seen when the grill/badge is replaced and the bonnet closed. On further inspection I realised that it was indeed the little plastic box thing attached to the driv
  13. Cheers guys for the replies. I might just go for it and see what they are like. I've had a look re buying them in black Oliver and found a couple of reasonably priced listings... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BLACK-SILICONE-HOSE-KIT-VW-GOLF-JETTA-MK3-A3-VR6-2-8-2-9-AAA-ABV-ENGINE-NON-US-/261232032517?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&fits=Model%3AGolf|Cars+Type%3A2.8+VR6&hash=item3cd2a47b05 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silicone-Hose-For-Volkswagen-vw-Golf-Mk3-VR6-2-8-2-9-JETTA-92-98-Vacuum-Kit-/251607973131?hash=item3a9500fd0b If I do end up buying the cheap red ones I'll try and get some pics
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