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  1. 6cylinder

  2. Is it a good one?

    I have mine for sale in the cars for sale section. Just down the road from you aswell.
  3. My R32 and Corrado VR6

    Awesome cars, shame about the rado being sold.
  4. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Fitted a new sump to the rado today.
  5. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    A wash a polish and fitted my bonnet bra.
  6. Corrado vr6

    Just a quick few pics of the rado with its bra on. Quite like the look of it to be honest. What u guys think? Cheers jay.
  7. Corrado vr6

    Thank you kindly,spent a bit of money on the rado this week. Bonnet bra. New sump and gasket. Sunroof seal. All stuf that needs done.
  8. Rado steering wheel.

    Not to keen on the bland standard steering wheel on the rado,has anyone tried another vw car steering wheel on them ie mk5/6 gti steering wheel possibly? Just wanting to freshen up the inside a wee bit? Cheers jay.
  9. Corrado vr6

    Dont i have been racking my brains for months. Get the front end painted then see were we are with it. Getting all the bits and bobs done for inters.
  10. What did you do to your VR6 today?

    Just washed and hoovered it,thats all.
  11. Corrado vr6

    Cheers guys,i have looked around for ages for a clean rado,this one came up with just over 82,000 on the clock and with all the mods done to it. I would liked to have started with a blank canvas but in time i would like to make it my own,how i am going to do that,i dont know. I have looked at other wheels but nothing i like more than the modernlines i have on it just now. First thing for me next month is a front end respray and a bonnet bra.
  12. Corrado vr6

    Just rejoined and thought i would put up some pics of my new motor which i have had a good few months now. Bought it like this and its a real credit to its former owner. Just going to be hard to improve on it now. Hope u all like. Cheers jay.
  13. My corrado vr6

    Loving it too,will be getting winterised soon. Camber shims,schmidts coming off and standard speedlines for the winter. Cheers for the comment.
  14. My corrado vr6

    Heres a few pics of my corrado vr6,only had it a week and really happy with it. All comments apprecieated. 78k Mot till March 2010 not 100% but will check. A just gave it a full service. 10mm leads plugs, fuel filter & Oil filter. H&R coilovers Rear poly bushes Full Miltec exhaust thats been recut and bent so it fits perfect. Schmidt MLs 9" all round with 205 40 16 toyo prozy 4s 3 degres of chamber on the rear. Areo wiper convershion. Cheers jay.
  15. R32 exhaust on 2.8 4motion

    Very very nice. U wont regret fitting it.