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  1. How you getting on with your car Jason?

    Do you think you will make it to Tatton? 

  2. Trying to get my car ready for show but going to be tight
  3. ingham

  4. ive a coil pack and a pair of rear shocks standard ones if you need them
  5. Track Day action Oulton Park 8th October

    great track & well run day nice to meet you swivelonit i was amazed how easy it was to get on track all day ,no ques at all
  6. Track Day action Oulton Park 8th October

    was fantastic day
  7. Where to start??

    is it warming up ok , maybe thermostat may have stuck open ?
  8. im going in vr if can get place on show and shine or in van if not
  9. Track Day action Oulton Park 8th October

    any places left and got more details ?
  10. you can check if its the immobiliser thats lost its code by disconnecting battery for 15 mins it should start one time and run if it is ,as immobiliser is reset after 15mins and locked on engine shut down , mine did the same i had to take it to vw to reset the code in immobiliser the code reader i had wouldnt do it only the vw one could reset it
  11. Question: MK3 Aero Wiper Arms

    vw do a aero wiper kit that fits onto standard arms now ,got them on mine