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  2. As title I want to change my gear oil in my VR my local motor factors had Comma semi-synthetic GL4 and GL5 but the SAE no`s were the same anyone know which is the best one for the VR thanks a lot in advance...
  3. pheeew thats a relief love the old girl and thinking of getting another VR for the misses cheers...
  4. HI all anyone know if we will get hammered when the new road tax comes into force,looks a bit frightening when you read up on it.Just wondered how the older cars will get affected..
  5. Hi Guys my fuel pump seems to have quite a noisy high pitch whine/buzz to it,the car has done 64k miles comp standard runs/drives fine no juddering missing etc.Just wondered if this is normal or should I get it checked out.If it needs checking how do I go about this many thanks in advance..
  6. Thanks Xyber who are ECS and how can I get hold of them?
  7. Thanks guys for the constructive input,I think I will be sticking with the VR anyway,was just curious as to the comparison between running costs.The VR is a great car allround the only thing I can fault it on are the brakes they are truely shocking if you want to start giving it some beans I just dont the confidence in this department like my G60 ..What size brakes will I have on mine 280 or 288mm discs? its a 95 M plate obd1 engine and what is the best upgarde I can do? can I just simply upgarde discs/pads or can I fit a better set up from another VW group car thanks again...
  8. I know its the wrong place and you guys love your Vr`s myself included,but how does a VR compare to the impreza ..I dont mean chavtastic top speed dump valve stupid exhaust cack..I mean as an allround drivers car, build quality reliabilty of engines 4*4 system electrics etc? are they smooth like the VR or peaky power delivery? are the running costs fuel etc similar or worse..I do love the Vr for its super smooth tourqey engine and the car overall is great,but I also have a mk2 16v and a Corrado G60 and although the power of these 2 is nothing like the VR they are both better at handling/brakin
  9. Just checked my aux water pump out of curiosity and it runs fine with ignition switched to 1st turn,but the pump didnt run on when I checked after a drive oil at 92deg water at 90deg after ignition switched off.Should it be running on after ever single run or only when engine v hot ie main fans running and the ignition is tuned off?
  10. Cheers Xyber change oil every 3k and its about due now,Yes she has the standard cold morning whine as well,did a search on prev posts and sounds more or less what your`e saying (VR noises),The car only makes the tapping for a few seconds and only when the weather is very cold otherwise its fine cheers for the reply..
  11. Hi all when it is very cold overnight my engine has quite an audiable tapping noise for about 30secs to a minuite I hope that is just beacuse the oil is heavy and thick the car has 63k miles comp standard and runs on10/40 semi-synthectic oil.Is this normal for a VR engine as I say it only does it if is is very cold fine otherwise and when warm it is as good as silent.Can this do any long term damage? Should I use a different oil? I obviously dont take the engien over 3K till it up to full running temp..many thanks for any info
  12. Thanks a lot for the input guys will keep the original system on till it falls off,then buy a Jetex cheers
  13. Hi Guys are there any noticable gains in terms of power by fitting a performance exhaust to my VR6 low end mid range grunt would suit me better..if so which of the uusal brands is best and if any are worth getting which is the better which gives a decent exhaust note and nothing loud or booming inside the cabin.I have a full Scorpion system on my Rado G60 and it is just too damn loud if your`e going any distance..thanks for any input..
  14. Thanks for putting my mind at rest guys and Zorro for the link,as Sali says it does seem to get worse as the weather gets colder.cheers
  15. Thanks for that didnt think it was anything major just the didnt notice it a few months ago,then it started then it stopped now it has started again,with the car idleing the motor is very quiet and when you blip the throttle its still quiet just whilst driving off it makes the noise,oh well maybe just one of things sounds a bit like a power sterring pump on full lock (but car going in a straight line)...thanks again Xyber
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