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  1. Gutted for you mate! ;(
  2. After a good clean I thought I'd post a couple of pics: I'm off to pick up a full cloth recaro interior tomorrow morning so I'll pop some more pics up then. I hate the standard seats plus the rears have no headrests. On a downer, I think the gearbox is giving up the ghost as it doesn't want to engage third when pushing on without some gnashing of cogs.
  3. I don't mind a bit of a drive if it's done right. I'll give them a try, cheers.
  4. The new number starts with 01489 number so I imagine so, or Whitekey. They recomended Willaim Street Services but I've only ever used them once and they were not so great.
  5. That's the place that have closed. Nick used to sort me out but they have moved to a new premises with no machine. ;(
  6. Hi all, I live near Portsmouth in Hampshire and am after a recommendation for somewhere to go to have the car geometry set up. The place I usually use has closed. Any suggestions would be grand. Ben
  7. I'd be up for this, anyone else camping?
  8. If the OP doesn't want it then I am very keen! Ben
  9. I had a Cupra R a little while back and as an all rounder it was perfect. 210bhp with great handling and brembo 4 pots up front. With a cheeky re-map it would take it to 260 or so. The cupra is 180bhp and remapped should be approx 230. Great looking cars too!
  10. I have access to a machine and the software. PM me with details if you are interested. Ben
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