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  1. Cheers for the wkend guys I really enjoyed it. It was nice to meet up with some of you guys..
  2. i just want to add that me and the family had a good wkend. First time to a meet on here and everyone was friendly. I will more than likely be at the next one as long as the vr lives.
  3. Am coming from the north, but i will be m6 m1. Setting off in the morning
  4. Just found out that they have a fork inside the box which is linked to the clutch lever. So am going to look into that. Thanks for the input
  5. I was wondering if anyone can help me . I know this is not a vr but need help with the wifes 1998 golf gti 2.0 8v . The clutch pedal went to the floor checked cable thats ok . So i went about removing the box only to find that these use a rod though the spline rather than a release bearing. What i wanted to know is the rod meant to work under some sort of pressured system to work the clutch. Thanks for any help in this matter
  6. Can you put me down for 2 please, but i will need you info cant get the link off hereto make the payment. Cheers
  7. My first meet with the club should be a good one. Tickets paid for.
  8. Its from the passenger side yeah. I thought it may be the chains but was'nt sure because its only a slight rattle rather than a loud one.
  9. I Have a bit of a rattle on the head, when i accelarate at about 2000 to 2500 i have a bit of a rattle/tap. Am not sure if its the chains but it does'nt seem that bad for the chains. When i bought the car i did a full oil change with filter and flush and that did make it a little better but its still there. If it was the chains/guides do these start quiet then get worse. Thanks for any info
  10. I have a copied version with lead. If that helps
  11. Does any one know if the coolant hose from the header tank to the aux pump and thermo hosuing on the carrado is the same has the golf. Cheers
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