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What was and is now.


Ford Escort rok 1992 wersja XR3i




Suspension and Chassis

- threaded suspension Hicon Weitec Gt
- strut front chalices own production of steel
- strut rear chalices own production of steel
- Rear beam changed to undamaged , added tarczobębny from RS -a
- the front brakes from the RS- and additionally painted black
Borbet BS wheels spinning . 7.5/16 back of 9/16 in white on each edge was polished and the tires profile no more than 45


- Changed pearl paint on the palette KIA
- front bumper with larger inlet for radiators
Front - mask with welded outlets of the model cadet GSI and washers removed
- smoothed tailgate spoiler and flush with the model Cosworth
- rear bumper smoothed
- lack of strips around the car
- the front lines of the bumper changed to white and the side, rear lamps repainted in red
- sill original model Xr
- tip muffler stainless steel polisher
- rear windows covered with black foil + stickers

- Recaro seats
- added power windows
- added central locking

Audio construction.

What plans ---- , change color , reconstruction flashing around the car , change the motor and drive . : d






the rest later

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Exhaust       New mask.

engine     At the present day the car is prepared for painting and general blacharki.Photo of work I will try begin to upload up to date.

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Hello After a long break, the car is constantly changing and renovating, I know this is not a subject for fans of VW, but oh well I only already at this point VR6 in a Ford, so I think not whip me too continues this theme.
So pictures will illustrate best what is happening with the car .Bealiboy for the brakes, I wanted to have 300 mm Brembo caliper, and the 280 can be stopped, but it's better to be sure than to wonder.

Ps. translated Goggles, no longer had the strength to produce.






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