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  1. Cheers but look a bit to rusty thanks any how
  2. Are they originals or aftermarket any pics
  3. As above in good or new condition with square side repeaters what you got Thanks damian
  4. Agree with jimjon i have been doing it for a while now takes forever lol
  5. This could be possible give me a couple of weeks and ill get it of and ill be in contact thanks for the reply
  6. Hi can i take one please when do you want payment thanks
  7. Hi do you still have scuttle panels hows the rubbers
  8. It's pretty simple and easy enough to do you got a bolt up by filler neck and the 5 bolts on the straps hope that helps
  9. I got some from eBay a while ago they are called brake splash guards if I'm correct hope this helps
  10. Just to warn you guys traffic is mental when this is on
  11. damian8588


    just another idea Have you cleared all leaves and dirt from under scuttle panel
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