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  2. After getting into the 5 stud conversion yesterday, I soon realised a lot was different up front! I won't go into everything, but in the end I had to swap outer cv joints, wishbones, hubs, ball joints, track rod ends, and ARB. it would have been far easier to replace the whole subframe and components in one go, but the rod change setup on my 1.9d has a bracket bolted on top of the power steering rack. This meant to remove the subframe, I would have had to remove the exhaust, heat shielding and shifter as well, so I opted to swap all the above in situ. I'll let you know how the rear goes tonigh
  3. Would have loved to have been involved in this, but I'm away in Bulgaria snowboarding! Will you guys be holding another RR day this year?
  4. Love this car, glad its on the forum! Welcome long buddy
  5. I'll be making a start on the 5 stud conversion early next week, so I'll update on that front soon The ideal thing about going 5 stud is, if you buy a complete donor, you have everything right there
  6. I'm going 5 stud on the estate, just purely so all my cars are 5x100 and I can swap my wheels about when I get bored lol yeah, it's on Ta Technix As for the GTI, I converted to OBD1 AAA, which went bang, so I stuck an ABV in there. I'm now running a 2.9 on obd1 2.8 throttle body, maf and ecu because I couldn't be arsed to change the loom again, as it ment taking out the servo and re bleeding the breaks and clutch lol! I will get mapped soon though, hopefully April, so I can use the larger inner diameter ABV throttle body
  7. Hello bud! The subframes are indeed the same on mk3's and Corrado's If I could give one bit of advise, it would be to buy a complete donor though, as then you have everything in front of you, and it will save a lot of time hunting for parts you didn't realise you needed before you get into it! It's also worth noting that Estate rear suspension and beam are different to the hatch's, so you will need Variant specific coilovers Like daveyboy said, the easiest way would be to leave everything attacted to the subframe and put it all in, in one lump disc conversion wise, you can bolt up the VR6
  8. Great write up, very informative
  9. SO, still no new bumpers, its been months now! BUT, I may well have something else pretty special in the pipeline!
  10. A charger would be sweet! A VF Engineering kit would be good
  11. Glad to see you still have this! I remember reading your full build thread, years ago on E38 one of my first mk3 inspirations to take my car further!
  12. So, picked up a few more bits for this, including replica ABT side skirts, stainless steel Dubpower exhaust manifold (to go with my already fitted Miltek decat and 2.5 inch Jetex exhaust system) and a pair of Hella Black rear lights STILL waiting on my new bumpers etc though also, I'm picking up a Mulberry Highline to break tomorrow, which should sort me out with the last few bits I need for the project!
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