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    c00k reacted to VR6Pete for a news article, Download our Mobile / Tablet App Now   
    You can now access the VR6 Owners Club on the go with our new Mobile / Tablet Apps!

    Application Features:

    - Push Notifications
    - Private Messaging
    - Community Forum
    - Obtain help and support from our many members!
    - Image Upload
    - Showcase your car!
    - 'Like' Posts
    - Subscribe to popular news sources direct from our timeline.
    Download direct from your device by clicking the below icons.

    Download for Apple Devices 

    Download for Android Devices
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    c00k reacted to VR6Pete for a news article, Website Updates   
    Our Community Forums now has a FRESH new look and looks great on all devices! (Phone, Tablet, Desktop).
    We would really like to see all members contribute to our growing forum and put the website right back at the heart of the club!
    Some new features have recently been added that we want to tell you about!
    VR6OC Market Place / Classifieds
    We have completed a spring clean in our market place, which makes our website the ideal platform for selling and buying cars, parts and other items.
    We have added in a brand new website feature that lets you press a button to mark the item has been sold! this will lock the advert and update the advert name to indicate to other members the item has been sold! 
    Visit our market place now
    you can now poke other members of our website just for fun! well, why not? Who wants a poke war?!
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