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I've been asked if I can supply short shifters for the Golf Mk3 as I already do for the Corrado Forum, link here -



Photo here - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B3G5ikFakLqGdDc2ZUp6YnlzYkk


The Golf shifter is very similar to the Corrado shifter but they are NOT the same or interchangeable, I've taken a Golf shifter and a Corrado shifter complete with the Ali mounting frame and compared the two and they are very similar.


I do not have a Golf Mk3 nor do I have access to one so this first shifter will be a development item and I'd like someone with a car local to me to be the Guinea Pig if this is possible. Don't worry it'll just be a case of swapping the shifter and trying it out but I'd like to be there when this happens, in fact I don't mind doing the swap myself as it would give me a better understanding of the Golf. I'm very close to M1 J25 Notts/Derbys.

Providing the shifter will work and I have no reason not to believe this, the details are -

Forward and back reduction only.
Neutral to gear select reduction of 20mm (26%). It's only a mild reduction to prevent notchyness and excessive effort required to change gear.
All worn parts replaced.
Use your existing gear knob.
Mechanism cleaned and greased.
Install guide provided.
Sold on an exchange basis only.
If not completely satisfied, return the shifter for a refund.

If you require feedback please see the above link on the Corrado Forum.

Price is £80 posted with £25 refund on the return of your shifter to me providing it can be re-used.

I can modify your shifter if it is sent to me but it needs to be in good condition, I will need it for around 1 week, cost for this is £55 posted back to you.

Payment by Paypal or bank transfer, PM me for details.

Comments very welcome.



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I've been asked if I can supply short shifters for the Golf Mk3 as I already do for the Corrado Forum, link here - http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?t=61985&highlight=tunnel   P

Update - I've dropped the shifter into matt yesterday for him to trial it, I await his response.

Price is on the first post.   As I've confirmed today that this is going ahead can anyone wanting one please send me a PM as confirmation of you wanting one.   Apologies to those who have already PM'd

Lots of questions and I'll try to answer best I can.......


I'm not familiar with the Golf so not sure if fitting is the same as the Rado. On the Rado you can either drop it out from underneath or cut a small section of the body out (hidden under the gear gaitor). I can email the Rado install guide but I can't guarantee it'll suit the Golf.


I can shorten the throw but again I'm not sure how much I can go on the Golf.


As soon as I can prove this works the sooner I can start supplying them. I'll guess at least a month away.


Major Lucky, are you using the Rado G60 shifter in your Golf? Yeah the mk3 vr6 shifter I can use, PM me a price posted please.


Apologies for being a little vague regarding the Golf but give me time and I'll get my head around it.




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Just got back from Matt's place. As said he's very happy with it and it does feel good when shifting between gears albeit sat on his drive without the engine running.


So I'm happy to supply these but need to modify the Corrado install guide to suit the Golf.


For me to successfully supply these I do rely on standard shifters being returned to me.




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