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  1. My Vr6

    Few interior bits left
  2. My Vr6

    Wheels still available
  3. My Vr6

    Cheers pal. Wheels are sold I think. Need it all gone so if anyone needs anything let me know. Si
  4. My Vr6

    Cheers pal, I dunno if it'll be another vr tbh as I'll always be thinking what if and comparing it to this. Unless it's charged of course
  5. My Vr6

    Redundancy, family member passing away and Xmas coming. It's been a hard decision and one I hoped I didn't have to do but unfortunately it's got to be done. Was damn upsetting writing the ad and a few bits have sold so no going back now:(
  6. My Vr6

    Now breaking!
  7. My Vr6

    All back together. Just tyres to sort before it's back on the road, bodywork will wait till after Christmas
  8. My Vr6

    Last few bits back from the painters. I want a polished inlet eventually.
  9. I'm everywhere dude lol, love seeing builds like this and looking at what others have done to theirs. Keep up the good work
  10. Nice to see a full write up thread dude:) I'll keep an eye on this and follow it's progress
  11. My Vr6

    Always led to believe that aslong as no tread shows out of the arch it doesn't matter about the rim
  12. My Vr6

    Double post fail!