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  1. I can still supply these incase anyone is looking for one. Dave
  2. Carl, Yes if you can get hold of one that would be better. I can shorten it and re-thread no problem at all. Dave
  3. Hi Carl, The reduction in throw is very noticeable but not too much to introduce a notchy shift. If you're not happy with it just send it back, no probs. I've never had anyone send theirs back yet. The only problem is I've got 2 in the queue for these already who have paid a deposit. A bigger problem is people don't send their old shifters back in exchange so I struggle to turn these around quickly. Dave
  4. Tank, drop me a message if you want one, I do have only one available at the moment. Thanks Dave
  5. I have an OBD2 throttle body for sale for a VR6. Clean and in good working order. I'd like £25 posted please. Item is located M1 J25 area if you'd like to collect for £20. Thanks Dave
  6. I'll have to put a list together of the stuff I can offer, most of it is for a Corrado. Pete, I've sent you a PM.
  7. Hi, not my kit, I don't sell them on Ebay. I do still sell them on the Corrado Forum though and here if anyone wants one but my price for a pair is double the price and always has been. In my defence I've had one of those kits and it's not as good as mine but yeah I would say that wouldn't I? Being honest it really wasn't a nice piece of kit, you have to insert an extra washer in there which was very fiddly on top of an already fiddly process. Once fitted the handle was very stiff to operate and I bet they don't offer a fitting service either? Dave
  8. I've replied to the above, sorry for any delays. Dave
  9. Pm'd you, can pay asap for a short shift ??

  10. I've now got a small queue of people waiting for these so for those who have bought one can you send your old shifter back please, don't forget there is a small refund on return. Thanks Dave
  11. Yes I have one ready to post. Drop me a PM. Thanks Dave
  12. short shift, talk to me mate?? :D

    1. besters



      You're lucky I have one in stock, price is £60 posted and is on an exchange basis.




  13. This is more of a feeler – any interest in these fuel pipe holder brackets for the VR? These are the brackets that attach to the left hand side of the rocker cover, the fuel pipe holder clips onto this bracket. See photos. These only fit the alloy rocker cover. T304 Stainless Steel mirror polished by hand on both sides and around the edges.Price is £17.50 posted for a pair.All comments welcome.ThanksDave
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