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  1. It's just the right brake light. Don't know for sure whether it's full on/off or somewhere between. Hmm, not looking forward to this journey. Any good guides to follow for this?
  2. Hi Phil, I haven't had a chance to check the brake system though I'm more and more convinced it's an electrical issue but seemingly effecting the right side of the car. My right brake light flashes on and off intermittently (confirmed by someone driving behind me) and the driver's side electric window occasionally has a mind of it's own and just goes up and down randomly. I should also add that it's not just the ABS light coming on the actual system engages too. Would that all make sense that somehow it was all down one side?
  3. Hi Phil, Thanks that's great. I'll see what that brings up. Andrew
  4. Yeah sorry about the slightly vague title but I have a couple of issues that I think are related. First is that the radio initially worked fine but very quickly became crackly (audibly) and intermittently now has barely any sound. I'm pretty certain it's not the tuning of the radio and maybe the connection to the speakers. I would hazard that its probably a connection to the speakers but it seems to coincide with the problems below. In addition most of the time when driving the handbrake light turns on and stays on. ALSO the ABS light turns on, which if I'm braking at the time seems
  5. Hi Phil thanks (coincidentally the name of my uncle, strange). I don't have huge plans currently other than making sure I keep it in good condition. I'd like to refurb the wheels, sort out the cracked paint bumpers and other marks here and there. I also have what I think is a minor electrical issue which I'll ask about on the relevant board. The driver's side window mechanism recently packed in so had to get replaced. In terms of performance would love to end up doing some things here and there but currently just returning to the UK my insurance is sky high as it is. Andrew
  6. Hi all, I signed up last year but haven't got round to jumping on and introducing myself/the car. I've moved back the UK last year from the states and am looking for a driving community. My uncle - who passed away last year - gave me his mk3 vr6 which he had had since new (1997) and had only put 70,000 odd miles on. I want to be able to get a few things fixed here and there but for now here are some shots of it. Look forward to speaking. Andrew
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